6 Things All Men Should Know About Pregnancy

6 Things All Men Should Know About Pregnancy

14 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Pregnancy can be joyful and beautiful but dealing with a pregnant woman can be confusing. Mixed signals and emotional tantrums will become a daily thing. If you’re a man then it might just feel like you’re stepping on a minefield but it doesn’t have to be that way if you understand the basics of what your better half is going through.

Here are a few things you need to know to make pregnancy not just a ‘girl thing’.

1. Pain is inevitable, misery is optional

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would’ve heard all about how hard pregnancy is. The constant whining might feel like an exaggeration but it really isn’t, Trust us! She is carrying another life inside her, providing the child with all the nutrition and making sure the baby’s developing healthily. She’ll have constant back pains, nausea, headaches and the list goes on… There will be days when she doesn’t want to even get out of the bed. Do you think she enjoys not being able to see her feet when she stands straight? No, No she doesn’t.

As a man, it’s impossible for you to know what she’s experiencing, all you can do it sympathize with the poor soul and try everything you can to make those 9 months a little easier. Rub her feet when you sit next to her, offer to help out with the household chores and be a gentleman and hold the doors and more importantly shopping bags. Who says chivalry is dead?

2. Hormones, why you gotta be like that?

Pregnancy is one of those times when blaming every mood-swing on the hormones is a totally legit reason. One second she might be laughing at your cheesy jokes and then the next she might take offense at you saying ‘You look nice today’. ‘Today? What do you mean today? Do I look like a homeless person everyday?’ and then the dam gates are released. Thou art be blessed with tears from heaven. We get it, we get that it’s unreasonable but please bear in mind that you can’t use the ‘h word’ (Hormone) to blame your wife, I mean she can blame it herself but you can’t do it. It’s the golden rule.

3. There is no “we” in “food”

She’s eating for two – Don’t argue on this and don’t go searching the science behind it, just accept it. Have food everywhere and offer her food all the time. It’s the best thing you can do to get in the good books of a pregnant woman. If you’re thinking of sharing that popcorn while watching the movie, think again buddy! Not having enough food will result in the above said hormones being unleashed in the most extreme way.

4. To pee or not to pee, that is never the question. PEE

Maybe you’re planning a day out with your wife or just a walk, always make sure to take her to a place where there’s access to a washroom. Imagine an actual person kicking your uterus until they’re bored. Yes, that’s the reality a pregnant woman is facing. So don’t be irritated when she excuses herself every hour or even every 10 minutes because she has to, it’s not that she chooses to.

5. I’m scared. Please don’t leave me alone.

Despite putting on a brave face, she’s scared and overwhelmed. ‘Will I be a good mom?’, ‘I hope the baby’s okay’, ‘Will labour be painful?’ and so much more. Be the strong support system she needs. She might not exactly say with her words that she wants you by her side but don’t forget to reassure her that it’s not just her going through this pregnancy alone, it’s both of you.

6. I’m suffering from a lack of vitamin ‘U’

Attention. Attention. Attention! Give it to her (Pun completely intended). As her body grows bigger, she’ll start to get more self-conscious about herself and monthly weight check-ups at the hospital do nothing to help on this front. So, be a good lad and appreciate her for what she is.

Another thing is that you shouldn’t underestimate the sex-drive of a pregnant woman. In fact, it’s only kicked up a notch during pregnancy. Pfff, hormones again. But come on, you can’t complain here though.