6 Things Only Moms Who Had A C Section Will Get Xyz

6 Things Only Moms Who Had A C Section Will Get Xyz

19 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Women who have had Cesarean sections are always facing the same old dialogue – “Oh, you had a C-section? You got off easy!”. But hey, they aren’t the ones who had to go through childbirth! Only women who’ve gone through this painful ordeal actually know what they’re in for.

Of course, not everyone is aware of the difficult path that women who have had the C-Section face. The surgery itself is not easy or painless. On top of it, dealing with so many things that people aren’t even aware of only makes things worse. Here are some of the things that women come home to after they’ve had a C-Section (ladies, you might relate to this!) –

1. Peeing all the time!

Moms don’t complain about this too often, so you might not consider this to be a serious issue, but trust me, it is. It’s not just the peeing, it’s a lot of walking, sneezing, standing, pooping, coughing along with it. The surgery sure does take a toll on your activities.

2. No bathing!

Doctors recommend that you don’t take a proper bath for at least three weeks. You would be able to remove the dressing of your wound and take light showers, only if your stitches, staples or glue is used to close your skin. But it is advised that you consult your doctor for anything related to soaking in a bathtub or going swimming!

3. Blood everywhere!

This is one of the best kept secrets of childbirth – the amount of blood that comes after. Let your partner know right now, that they may need to stock up on the supply of the biggest maxi pads and napkins, and loads of them. Post your surgery, you’ll be bleeding bucketloads.

4. Cuts? Where?

Yep, there will be cuts and scars that remain after your surgery, but they will be so low below on your tummy that it will barely be visible, unless you see it under bright lights or with a microscope.

5. Big Underwear

This also is something that is not spoken about, but you will need big underwear after your C-Section! This is going to make life so much more comfortable, especially on your way back from the hospital! There are even special C-Section recovery underwear available online!

6. Always ‘In Recovery’

Depending on your body type, it might take from a couple of days, to weeks or months for you to recover from your surgery. This is a major surgery, after all, and you might have to stay in the hospital for upto a week (or more) for your recovery. You body will have to recover and recuperate after such a heavy surgery.











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