6 Things That Spell Disaster For Pregnant Women

6 Things That Spell Disaster For Pregnant Women

24 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Pregnancy is a time to pamper and to protect yourself. Although the former is well taken care of by those around you, the latter is your sole responsibility. There are quite a number of constraints that are put in place for pregnant women so as to keep the little one away from all harm. Here are 6 things that spell disaster for pregnant women:

1. Having A Drink

Pregnant woman drinking

Alcohol is a big no-no. You’ll be deterred from consuming alcohol by your doctor. There are multiple reasons you shouldn’t consume alcohol. Research suggests that consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to birth defects and even mental retardation in the fetus. Keep the drinks at bay, mommy to be.

2. Taking A Hot Bath

Pregnant woman taking a hot water bath

Hot baths and saunas can be a massive red flag for pregnant women. Even the use of hot bags in the torso region is advised against. Overheating of the uterus can result in discomfort to the fetus and in extreme cases, be fatal to the little one. Neural tube defects in the fetus are also observed as a result of overheating of the uterus. No more hot baths for you, missy!

3. Taking up Rigorous Exercises

pregnant woman exercising

Exercise is beneficial during pregnancy. Exercise instills endurance and flexibility, pivotal during the delivery of the child. Rigorous exercise, however, is hardly encouraged. If your heart rate exceeds 160 bpm, your baby can be deprived of oxygen! This can cause fetal hypoxia to occur resulting in permanent damage to the baby’s brain. Yoga is the way!

4. Stand For Too Long

pregnant woman standing

Standing too long is not for you, mommy to be. Standing too long can cause varicose veins and even result in edema which is fluid retention in the legs. It would be great if you sat or better yet, lied down.

5. Fret About The Little Things

stressed mom

Stress is worse for you than you can imagine. Babies are awake to the mother’s surrounding while in the womb. If you are stressed all through your pregnancy, research suggests that the baby might grow up to be fearful and anxious in real life situations. Watch sitcoms or romcoms, whatever does it for you and don’t ever fear or fret.

6. Let Smoke Into Your Lungs

Pregnant woman should not smaoke

If you’re a smoker I hope you’re smarter than to continue to do so. If you aren’t, steer clear of smokers. Passive smoke can wreak havoc on your body as well as your baby’s. Premature delivery, hypoxia, and congenital defects in the baby are but a few things that find their roots in smoke. Steer clear of smoke.











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