6 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Baby Stroller

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Baby Stroller

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Sometimes, your ‘mom’ sense knows when your baby is about to absolutely enjoy something. A joy ride in the most amazing baby stroller! You’ve seen them, tried them, you’ve probably bought one for your baby too. But we all know, what looks glossy on the outside, is never reasonably priced and often doesn’t serve the purpose.

When we looked into this, we realised that a stroller is often a new mom’s best friend. From casual healthy strolls in the park to general doctor visits. Having a stroller around relieves you from back pains and joint aches, especially when your body is so vulnerable after giving birth.

We haven’t even reached the best part yet, you’ll be rewarded with the most inquisitive, bubbly, excited reaction from your little one. It’s true – introducing your baby to the world, one stroller walk at a time, as she hears new sounds, sees new faces and magical new surroundings.

1. Protection from mosquitoes

A stroller must have a canopy with a mosquito net attached to it. Not only does it protect your baby from mosquitos and other insects hovering around while you’re out with your baby, but it also ensures your baby is safe and protected in playgrounds. It’s a must!

2. For your baby, safety comes first

We understand your concern while you travel with your baby, as their safety is of utmost importance. You can ensure your baby’s safety on the stroller by making sure it doesn’t move unless you move it. The stroller must be well equipped with a lock and brake facility on both the back and frontal pair of wheels that you’re able to activate with a just a little push.

As long as everything above is taken care of, you know you’ll have control over stroller throughout. Safety is one less thing to worry about

3. Your baby’s comfort

Both the back and leg rest of a stroller should be adjustable according to your baby’s convenience. It must have the option to recline the backrest to at least 3 positions that are- sleeping, reclining and sitting. It is so that your baby is comfortable outside and isn’t disturbed by factors that may cause her to be sleep deprived while travelling. They are a must!

4. Space for all baby essentials

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to carry so many bags during your usual morning or evening walks? Sometimes, just the fact that you have to carry an extra baby bag or carry bag might stop you from taking your morning stroll. Hence we suggest the stroller you choose must have side and back pockets to keep essentials like the cereal box, napkins, diapers and milk bottle (so you’re able to lessen your burden) for your own benefits. Also, it helps to check the weight of the stroller for travel purposes. It must be light enough to be folded and kept in the car in case you’re going out of town for a holiday.

5. Bonding as you stroll

You have no idea how much this feature will help you bond with your baby till you actually try it. Imagine being able to watch your baby as she reacts and smiles during your stroll. Reversible handles give you the option to do all of that. Just imagine the convenience with this feature attached your stroller. Also, we suggest you check if the handle material has a solid grip and if it is adjustable according to height.

6. Snug and safe seat

The seat of a stroller must have a tight harness belt to keep the baby glued to the seat under all circumstances. We suggest you check if the stroller has a good quality harness belt before you’re going ahead and purchasing it.

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