6 Things To Never Say To Your Husband

6 Things To Never Say To Your Husband

24 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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The love of your life, the father of your children; Your husband tries his best.

Sometimes, certain things are left unsaid and this causes misunderstandings. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, you are smack in the middle of a fight. It can be the simplest little thing that escalates to that level.

More often than not it starts off with something you say, here’s how you save your energy. Don’t say these 6 things to your husband!

1. “Your mother…”

Your mama

Okay, his mother has her flaws. Yes, she gets on your nerves but she’s his MOTHER. You getting him in the middle of your brawls with her just puts him an impossible position. So, keep it clean. He is here for you, for better or for worse but this situation does not make the cut. It is super unfair to him, okay?

2. “You don’t know how…”

neil patrick harris

When it comes to the baby, you’re the protective mama. But implying that he cannot look after his own child is a little uncalled for, don’t you think? Sure, he cannot soothe the baby like you do and he is no champion at diaper changing but he tries. Unless he keeps at it, he will never get a hang of it. Let him do his thing!

3. “I’m going to my mom’s house”.

I'm going to my mom's

So, you had a disagreement with him. Do not threaten to leave him every single time. Quite frankly, more than anything, it is annoying! Instead of walking away, stay, sort it out. Storming out does have its drama but trust me it isn’t worth it. He has feelings too, you know?

4. “You don’t care about me!”

you don't care about me

Okay, you’ve thrown this line at him quite a number of times now, haven’t you? Maybe it’s been awhile since he took you out or maybe when he picked something out for you as a present, you didn’t like it. This doesn’t mean a thing at all. So, take it easy. People make mistakes, forget about it!

5. “Things are not the way they were before”.

things are different now

Change is the only constant. Things will keep changing but the thing to remember is that you guys are still together, through the thick and the thin. With the baby here, it is obvious that you guys don’t spend as much quality time with each other than you did before. Rekindling the flame isn’t his responsibility, alone. Ask your mother to take care of the child and take him on a date! Things will be back to normal in no time.

6. “Where were you?!”

where were you

This one question is a hard one to give up, I know. When he is late and you are alone waiting, your mood isn’t the best one. But, accusations are toxic to any relationship and baseless ones are even worse. Here’s what you do. Stop making assumptions and wait, he will tell you why he was late without you having to drag the answer out of him.











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