6 Things You Experience When You Become A Mom

6 Things You Experience When You Become A Mom

6 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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Entering motherhood is one of the greatest things you will experience in your life. You have a new baby, a new life that you created and from the moment you saw him/her, you knew s/he is the love of your life. In your eyes, your baby is the cutest thing ever – you won’t let ANYONE say s/he looks like a potato! Despite a few struggles, looking at your baby’s face, and that occasional wide toothless smile makes you feel on top of the world. Here are 6 things every woman experiences when she becomes a mother:

1. You can never get over the way your baby looks at you

Your baby makes that particular face when s/he is looking at you. When they are just a few weeks old, all they do is stare at your face all day, trying to learn your every detail. What you are seeing is your child falling in love with you, with every detail of your face now getting ingrained into his/her memory. Seeing you smile and pay attention makes them feel happy and loved and you can see it on their face and the way they wriggle their tiny bodies.

2. You get a new skip in your step

After your baby is born, you will feel like you have a ton of work to do. Changing the diapers, cleaning spit up and feeding are the 3 main tasks that will have your hands full. But even as you are doing these chores, you feel a sense of calm – you know that your baby needs you right now and nobody can take care of your baby bear better than mama bear! Once this phase is over, when they grow up a little, you will find yourself feeling lighter with a little skip in your step. This is a sign that you have started falling in love with motherhood.

3. You start seeing a different side of your husband

Just when you think you know exactly what your husband is all about, you find him hanging out with the baby. Yes, hanging out with the baby. Playing games and having deep conversations with a tiny human who can’t talk yet. The bond between you and your husband changes too. He suddenly wants to spend more time not just with the baby, but with you as well. This is because he has fallen in love with entering parenthood with you!

4. You feel paranoid about everything!

Now that you are a mama bear, you become overly protective about your little bear cub. You can’t help but feel paranoid of everything and everyone. Even if you have hired help or if your relatives are home to help look after your baby, you need your baby in your line of sight at all times. Every cry must mean s/he is in pain. You leave whatever you are doing only to realise that a diaper needs changing and your husband is already on it.

5. You realise you are turning into your mom

This happens to most moms in one way or another. If your baby cries for longer than 5 minutes, you come to a conclusion that it is baby colic. There is no other possible explanation for it. You start crying and call up your doctor. Your doctor will ask you a couple of questions and then tell you that your baby is either teething or irritated from too much attention. Too much attention – yes, sounds exactly like your mom doesn’t it? It’s real, we are all turning into our moms!

6. Everything you do revolves around your baby

You head out for a get together with your friends. You are meeting them after months together. They talk about all kinds of topics – clothes, food, travelling, jobs and health. But all you talk about is your baby. When you go out on a date with the husband, you call up whoever is looking after the baby at least 10 times to check in on them. When you go out shopping, most of the things you buy will be for your baby – the rest will just be food.