6 Tips To Have A Belly Only Pregnancy

6 Tips To Have A Belly Only Pregnancy

5 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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It is natural to put on a lot of weight during pregnancy. This weight is not just because of the increase in the belly and the womb region; a lot of it is unaccounted for and adds on to the fat of your body. This fat is more than necessary and could become a tricky thing to get rid of post-delivery. Therefore it is important that you do not get carried away in your pregnancy. The fact that you can eat and do whatever you please because you are pregnant is misleading.

Think about it, now since you are pregnant, you cannot really figure out a lot of difference; but once your little one is born and you go back to exercising to get back into shape, it will be much more difficult since you realize that there is more to your physique than just the baby weight.

Here are 6 ways to have a belly-only pregnancy:

1. Eat small meals at regular intervals

Having one large meal after a big interval is not too good for your body. Instead, have 5-6 well-proportioned meals per day at small but regular intervals. You could divide them up into 3 main meals and 2 snacks. Remember to intake protein at every meal, as this will help you feel full and you won’t be left with a constant feeling of hunger. Also, plan your meals in such a way that they add on to your health, avoid eating junk.

2. Workout

Yes, you read that right. It is a myth that one should not work out during their pregnancy. Working out during the initial months of your pregnancy is absolutely in normal and is in fact recommended by most doctors. You do not need to do a strenuous work out to stay fit; a minimum of thirty minutes and five days a week is more than sufficient.

3. Watch out for calories

While it is natural to crave for things during your pregnancy, watch out for those extra calories. Your workout will be futile if you keep consuming too many calories. About 100-300 is the recommended range of extra calories during pregnancy. If you do crave for something very strongly, then it would be advisable to look for substitutes which have lesser calories or no calories. You can find several calculators online to help you determine your everyday calorie intake.

4. Focus on your mental health

It is of utmost importance for pregnant women to concentrate on their mental health, in fact, make it your top priority. Stay positive and eliminate all sources that cause you frustration or give any sort of negative vibes. A healthy mind is the biggest secret to overall health.

5. Socialize

Being pregnant does not mean that you sit on your living room couch and watch Netflix whilst eating popcorn and complaining about how much it pains. As mentioned above, it is imperative that your mind stays fit. To make sure that your physical, as well as mental health, remains fabulous, go out and get in touch with nature. Talking to people and socializing will make you feel happy and energized.

6. Move around, walk

To have a belly-only pregnancy, you do not just have to go to the gym or yoga center to work out and meditate. Make sure that you move around quite a lot and do not sit in one place for more than a little while. Walking too has its own advantages. Walking helps you develop muscle coordination and your brain becomes more active, also, it is a great form of exercising.