6 Ways To Care For Your Hair During And After Pregnancy

6 Ways To Care For Your Hair During And After Pregnancy

20 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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The months of pregnancy will have your body changing in ways you never even imagined. These months are characterised by immense hormonal changes that affect your whole body, including your hair. You may find your hair texture changing and your tresses becoming harder to manage suddenly. There’s no need to panic! Just make sure you take care of your hair in the best way you can, and you’ll see it go back to its normal state very soon.

Here are some ways to help you take care of your hair during and after pregnancy

1. Beat the stress

One of the main reasons for hair fall and hair damage is stress, even on normal days. However, now that you have a whole new person to look after, it’s no doubt that you’ll be putting yourself under double the amount of stress as before, just to make sure everything goes right. Try to avoid this as much as possible because it’s counterproductive and can affect your hair as well as your health. Don’t stretch yourself, listen to music that you enjoy, take a long hot shower, indulge in your favourite kind of therapy or just take some time to detox.

2. Avoid chemicals

Do your best to avoid any sort of chemicals on your hair, including hair dye, hair colour, hair straightening lotion and the like. There’s no actual evidence of its harmful effects on your baby, but it could result in some sort of allergy or rashes, and now is not the time to experiment with them. Try sticking to organic products as far as possible and use mild shampoos and conditioners.

3. Hair massage

Not only is this a great way to unwind, but it does wonders to your hair as well. Use oils such as coconut oil or almond oil to add nourishment to your hair. Warm up the oil a bit before applying, as it strengthens the roots. You could also wrap your head in a warm towel after that to prevent hair fall.

4. Combing

Go gentle on your hair while combing it. Don’t take out your pregnancy frustration on your hair, as you might end up even angrier when you see heaps of it on the floor. Avoid combing it when it’s wet. Let it air dry or use a hair dryer on mild heat if you want to dry your hair before sleeping. Using a wide tooth comb also helps reduce hair fall.

5. A balanced diet

Irrespective of pregnancy, it’s always beneficial to stick to a healthy diet for a healthy body. Consume lots of foods containing Vitamin E, C and B for healthier and thicker hair.

6. Haircuts

Avoid a full blown haircut during pregnancy, as there is really no telling how fast it’s going to grow back. Instead, stick to trims and just remove the split ends for healthier and faster growth. You could ask your hairdresser to style it differently if you’re bored of how your hair looks, without compromising on the length.











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