6 Ways To Care For Your Premature Baby

6 Ways To Care For Your Premature Baby

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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The mother of a premature baby can be clueless about how she to provide regular care for her baby. Sometimes, even a detailed explanation from the doctor can leave you ill-equipped. However, there is no other choice for you, but figure out the best way to care for your premature baby. Here, we give you a few tips that will ensure you are able to do just that.

1. SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

This rate of SIDS is fairly high in a premature baby. The reason for it has still not been deciphered. The rate of SIDS has reduced drastically over the years. To avoid a mishap such as this, keep blankets and swaddling clothes away from your baby’s face when they are sleeping. Do not let your baby sleep anywhere near radiators of any sorts or under direct sunlight. Being cautious about your child will reduce the chances of SIDS.

2. Bath

Your baby is almost the same as any other. You need to take care that your baby does not get too cold. Once you are done with giving your child a bath, keep a towel ready. Your baby’s body temperature can drop in no time. Snuggle him/her and cover them with a towel to transfer some body heat from you to your child until they regain their normal temperature.

3. Baby products

Since your child’s skin is extremely sensitive, it is advisable for you to use products that have been approved by your doctor. After a bath, your baby’s skin might dry out, so do not use any lotion, as it might have an adverse effect on your child’s body. Instead, consult with your doctor.

4. Temperature

It is vital for you to keep the room your baby is in at a stipulated temperature. Fluctuating temperature can cause the same in your child’s body. A drop in your baby’s body temperature can lead to serious problems. Since your baby’s immunity system is not as strong, you need to take caution and keep room temperatures between 16-200 degree Celsius.

5. Your baby’s sleep schedule

Your baby needs as much sleep as they can get. Make the room such that it will encourage long hours of sleep. When your baby sleeps, they grow internally as well as externally. Feed them regularly and cuddle them. Taking care of this will ensure your baby will be fit and healthy in no time.











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