6 Ways To Carve In Solo Time In A Busy Mums Schedule

6 Ways To Carve In Solo Time In A Busy Mums Schedule

1 Jul 2022 | 3 min Read


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The moment you become a mother, you suddenly have a lot on your hands, and your schedule includes the life of a young one that is entirely dependent on you. Until a certain age, you are solely responsible for the life of your little child. Up until your kids is able to take care of themselves, you are caught up with the joy of being a mother, and you forget to give yourself time to relax out of your busy schedule. Do not feel guilty for the few hours you take out to spend with yourself, as you have earned every bit of it

1. Take help

Do not ever turn down someone that is willing to help you relieve yourself of all the work you have been bombarded with. Use your solo time to either catch up with some sleep or pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

2. Organized time schedules

Make sure you distribute your work and time with the baby with your partner so that the burden is not all on you, as this will only tire you out. Equally dividing the work will reduce sleepless nights and stress for one person. Organize a time schedule on the calendar to ensure that you and your partner follow the schedule.

3. Think ahead of time

Pre-planning holds utmost importance once you become a mother. Thinking ahead is the only thing that will save you some solo time. Pre-plan your day before your child wakes up until the time they go to bed. This helps you sneak in solo time for yourself according to the time when they go out to play or when your infant is being coddled by your mother.

4. Cook for an extra person

Cooking takes up majority of a mother’s time. You can never predict when your toddlers might get hungry out of the blue. To avoid the strain of cooking again, and make extra food that only requires you to heat the food up or modify it slightly. This keeps you from being stuck in the kitchen all day.

5. Mini-solo moments

Being the mother of an infant cannot ensure solid hours of solo time. In a situation like this, cherish all the mini-solo moments you can get your hands on as soon as your baby is asleep or distracted with your partner. Go out for quick walks or strolls, and take a much-needed nap. Your solo moments will systematically grow as your baby’s age grows.

6. Organize everything in its place

An organized home can ensure that you are not beckoned every time something is not in place. Your partner would not survive if it was not for you, and he would prefer things being in the position that is at easy access or at eye level. Organised homes will ensure a longer solo time for you. Your partner and baby can find their way through the house without the desperate need for your presence in the house











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