6 Ways To Discipline Your Child

6 Ways To Discipline Your Child

20 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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Little kids are a bunch of adorable beings. Although they are cute and innocent, they can be really wild sometimes. Parents need to draw a fine line between what is good behavior and bad behavior. Good manners are like jewels on a growing child. The more they have, the better individuals they will become.

Children need to be taught good manners so their survival in the environment outside remains safeguarded. As parents, you would never want the phrase “Please keep your child in control.” said to you. It is highly embarrassing and it neither sounds nor feels good.

So, it is important to know your child’s wild side and also know how to keep it under control.

Here are 6 effective ways you could try to discipline your child.

1.Reward your child

We correct too many mistakes and forget to appreciate the good behavior of our children. So, the next time you have guests at home and your child is at his/her best temperament, give him/her a cookie. (or any other reward for that matter)

When they become your little minion and help you with household chores, even if it is as small as giving you a glass of water, appreciate them or surprise them with a gift.

A reward increases the possibility of seeing their good behavior more often. So, they will be motivated to do better and will have faith in your judgment of what’s right and wrong.

2. Rules are meant to be followed

As a responsible parent, you need to take control of your child’s behavior. Understand your child’s actions and make rules in such a way that he/she not just follows them blindly, but knows why the rules apply.

For example, allow your child to watch TV only after they finish their homework or eat their food. If you bend the rules even once, it is likely that you will end up doing it over and over. This will not be good for your child.

3. Appreciate and understand

As parents, you need to learn to appreciate your child’s performance and you also need to develop the ability to understand their feelings and problems. If you see your child acting a bit off, all you have to do is talk.

If you observe that your child is going around breaking things, do not scold him/her. Instead, talk to him/her so he/she understands what has been done wrong. Let them know what you expect from them.

4. Give them the attention they want

Children crave for attention. So, keep in mind that your child will throw temper tantrums in front of you just to get your attention. All you need to do is give them what they want.

Giving attention doesn’t mean you have to be around them 24x 7. Give them their space and give them attention when they require it.

Take few minutes off from your regular routine and play with your child. Engage in activities like reading and playing with your child.

Unleash your inner awesomeness and let loose a few strings. Play with your children and make them feel loved, adored and wanted.

5. Patience and positivity

Positive disciplinary methods can be used to deal with your child. A child needs to learn his/her lessons in such a way that he/she never repeats it. So, in situations where your child has behaved in an unacceptable manner, you need to be patient.

Sit them down and let them know why they are wrong. Tell them about how negative their actions were and the consequences that he/she should face for the exhibited behavior. Talk about your expectations out of them and deal with them patiently, yet authoritatively.

6. Tell them about good and bad touch

Children are curious little innocent beings. They are unaware of all the dangers lurking around the corner. They need to understand that their body is their own temple.

Only parents are allowed to touch them for cleaning purposes, and that too, till the child reaches a certain age. Doctors and nurses can be permitted to touch them and only for a physical examination under the supervision of parents.

Train your children to say “No.” or a phrase like “Don’t Touch Me!”. Not only will this save your child from being abused, but it will help them understand the difference between what’s good and bad.

These basic qualities will ensure that your child is safe, obedient and grows up to be a wonderful adult.











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