6 Ways To Help Your Shy Child Socialize Xyz

6 Ways To Help Your Shy Child Socialize Xyz

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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When your child begins to go to school, he/she usually begin making new friends and socializes with others in the surroundings. They start going together to parks and play fun outdoor games. They invite each other to birthday parties and mingle further.

However, there are kids who have trouble making friends in school or any other social gatherings. You might find your child clinging on to you and crying bitterly because he/she is unable to adapt to a social habitat. You will find them isolating themselves from the rest and sitting alone somewhere.

You should not be worried at all because your child is just shy. Shyness is generally associated with a negative behavior and this is a common misunderstanding. Just because your child is shy, it does not mean that he/she is incapable of forming social relationships.

Here are 6 ways to help your child socialize.

1.Help your child to ease out

If your child does not show any anxiety while interacting with others, it is because he/she is just shy. It is a normal behavior exhibited by children. Just like how a child would grab a new toy or smile at a stranger, shy children need time to adapt to situations like these.

There’s nothing wrong with your child, it is just what they are as a person. Instead of being harsh on them, you need to understand their temperament and focus on your child’s strengths. You never know, your child might be a creative thinker or even a good listener! Focusing on their strengths can make them comfy around people.

2.Find the right pre-school

Children are like blooming buds if they are placed in the right kind of an environment. Therefore, if your child has the right start to a school life, he/she is less likely to be shy. Choose an institution that has a teacher-student ratio of not more than 1:7.

Inform the tutors about the shyness so that they can also come up with different ways to involve your child and help them make friends in school. Be in contact with the tutor to be well informed about your child’s activities and the problems he/she faces in the institution.

3. Listen

Listen to your child and be extremely patient with them. Talk to your child about their fears and console them in such a way that they are motivated enough to alter their thoughts about the problem. Saying things like “You know what, sometimes I feel shy too!” works wonders. This way, they can relate to you and take you as their inspiration to get over their fears.

4. Practice at home

Home is the world’s most comfy place where one can be themselves without fearing others. Practice with role play like any social play games or invite a few of your child’s schoolmates home, so that they egt to know each other better. Arrange for play dates so your child will be happy too. This way, they will be less fearful of socializing.

5. Optimism

Shy behavior is associated with a kind of a negative temperament, which is further associated with lack of self-confidence. It is a pessimistic approach to life, which is harmful to your child’s overall growth.

Motivate your child and encourage them by saying things like “You spoke so sweetly with that girl!”. It will motivate your child to do better.

6. Cut that label

Labeling your child shy will only put him/her down. It won’t help them overcome their fears and they will only get pushed back into their shell. Instead, talk to them more and help them come out of their shell.

These little things in life could help your child escape that cocoon he/she has been escaping into.











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