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6 Ways To Keep Your Clothes Clean And Odour Free This Rainy Season Xyz

6 Ways To Keep Your Clothes Clean And Odour Free This Rainy Season Xyz

21 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Remember when we used to be children how we used to wait for rain and then run, jump and dance once it started raining without any worries or tensions of our clothes no matter how wet or dirty they used to get? Then when we reached home, our mother used to scold us and make us dry the clothes immediately under the fan. Well, those were the days when we could actually enjoy monsoon but now we have become our mothers. Though it has been decades, the same worries are there like they used to be. So why not put a twist, use some hacks and bring back that same childhood this monsoon season. We bring to you some easy ways to keep your clothes clean and odour free while drying them in almost no time.

1. Use camphor balls

Wherever you keep your clothes, just put some camphor balls to act as a disinfectant and a moisture remover. The camphor balls will keep away any kind of germs or insects while removing all kinds of moisture and keeping the clothes dry.

2. Vinegar/ Baking soda with detergent

Both vinegar and baking soda can be used in addition to your washing powder to remove the unpleasant smell from your own and your family’s clothes while giving a pleasant and soothing fragrance. Now you no longer need to worry about your husband sweating in humidity or your child getting wet in rain.

3. Use the Senator Smart Touch Washing Machine

Why get worried about clothes when all you need to do is use a smart, cost effective and touch pad operated washing machine that takes care of your clothes on its own right from filling water to rinsing and spinning. The entire setup works with just the touch of a button and the machine will determine the amount of detergent and water it needs with the help of its smart weight sensor while also giving a steam wash to the clothes. Just use the Senator Smart Touch Machine and start enjoying rains the way you want to.

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4. Using Limo

Do your clothes lose their shine and brightness after repeated washes? Well, we have something which will keep your clothes shining like new. The IFB Limo is 100% chlorine free optical fabric brightener which converts UV light into visible blue light. By doing this, it gives more shine to the washed clothes without harming the clothes or the washing machine. So now even after repeated washes, the clothes will be bright and shining.

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5. Fluff Fabric Conditioner

The alkalinity of detergents tends to rob the clothes of their brightness and newness. To tackle this alkalinity, we bring to you the IFB Fluff Fabric Conditioner that will keep your clothes like new due to its normal pH level while giving them a fresh and nice smell and making them soft.

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6. Clothes Dryer in action

Worried much about how the clothes will dry this monsoon season? Use the IFB Maxi Dry EX and get dried, germ-free and odourless clothes in no time. With its 6 drying programs, you will get your money’s worth in no time while you enjoy the rains with your favourite pakoras and tea.

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Become a child once more this monsoon season and have the best of memories and time enjoying the rain without any worries or tensions.











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