6 Ways To Keep Your Kid Away From Illness

6 Ways To Keep Your Kid Away From Illness

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Talking to a couple of friends, the topic of your childs’ health invariably comes up. You’ll probably find a couple of kids who just never seem to get sick, while your child often comes down with a fever or a cold.This makes you wonder if you’ve missed out on an important parenting lesson to keep your child healthy. Here are the secrets of children to avoid falling sick ever so often.

1. Exercise

If you don’t want to inject your child with medicines every now and then, continuous exercise is the alternative. It boosts circulation and helps increase infection fighting cells. Find an activity you both like doing together like hiking, or taking your dog for a walk. Exercise boosts immunity by 20-25% in children.

2. Keep Hands clean

This may seem like an under rated activity but you should promote it as much as possible at home. Get your child to wash their hands before every meal and after coming back from outside. This reduces passing of illness and germs from the outside into the body. Ensure their washing technique is up to scratch as well. A good hand scrubbing should ideally last between 15-20 seconds.

3. Sleep

Depending on how old your child is, make sure they get the required amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation almost doubles the risk of your child catching a cold or getting sick. Getting your kid to bed early every night helps keep up their white blood cell levels and in turn their immunity as well.

4. Vaccinations

If you find that infections are doing the rounds again, it’s best to get your child vaccinated ASAP. This helps reduce the intensity of the illness even if they do happen to become a victim. Children have a lower immunity than adults and can catch viruses more easily. Hence, better to be safe than sorry.

5. Don’t touch the face

Kids by nature tend to be more fidgety and restless. It may seem impossible for them to keep their hands off everything they see. But keeping their hands off their face helps reduce chances of infection because the face is a huge entry point of germs and infection through the nose and ears. Teach them to wash their hands at the right times and avoid sharing toothbrushes, cups and spoons with other children.

6. Balanced diet

Ensure you give your child a wholly balanced diet. Keeping it as colourful as possible is key. Include as many fruits and vegetables as possible for sufficient vitamin C and meats for protein. Vitamin D through tuna and cereals is a good idea. Consume as much water and yoghurt as possible as this helps build immunity as well.











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