Debunking Myths Of Pregnancy

Debunking Myths Of Pregnancy

Announcing pregnancy is a very sensitive issue. Women are often scared and still coping with the news and are hence skeptical to give the news out. Once the news is finally out, she is bombarded with tons of advises, dos and don’ts and myths that can entertain her and at the same time drive her nuts. People around a pregnant woman love to customise the baby in her womb by way of external myths and old wives tales. Let us debunk some common myths of pregnancy.

Myth 1:


Do not announce your pregnancy till you are through first trimester else it will harm your baby.




Miscarriages or abortions in first trimester are completely due to either a medical reason or accidental reason. Medical reasons include hormones, health of the reproductive system or other issues like ectopic pregnancy. Other reasons that can cause a miscarriage are accidents, falls or injury. Announcing a pregnancy is the happiest thing for a couple and they should do it as soon as they are ready.


Myth 2:


Pregnant women should avoid eating Dates, Papaya or  Sugarcane in first trimester to avoid a miscarriage since they generate heat.




Again, miscarriages happen because of hormones or health related issues. Eating any of these things have nothing to do with miscarriage. Instead these food are rich in nutrition and are safe to consume in a balanced or right proportion.


Myth 3:


You should eat for two during pregnancy




Pregnant Woman should eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eating for two can result in over eating and excess weight that can create issues during labor. There is no research or study that supports this myth.All you need is 300 extra calories a day in your second and third trimester to make a healthy baby and a strong mother.


Myth 4:


Morning sickness is only a morning thing




Morning sickness can happen anytime of the day. It is just the way your hormones react. Since many women face sickness after they wake up in the morning, it is just termed as morning sickness.


Myth 5:


If you have acidity that means your baby has lots of hair




Pregnant women can crave for spicy food. She may have low or very high tolerance to spice during pregnancy due to hormones and this can result in acidity and heartburn. Baby’s hair growth is a genetic thing.


Myth 6:


Baby’s heart rates can tell the gender of the baby




It is a myth that a heart rate around 140 means a boy and a heart rate close to 160 means a girl.Studies show that there is no indicator that a fetal heart beat can determine the gender. Blood flow in pregnant women differs and hence the heart rate. Yes, its true that an ultrasound can be a better predictor of gender.


Myth 7:


A round belly means boy and a heavy buttock means a girl baby




Every woman goes through physical changes during pregnancy. Some tend to put on weight in front while others tend to get heavier at the buttocks. There is no evidence to support the myth that a pregnant woman who has heavy buttocks will have a girl baby.


Myth 8:


Genetics are the only cause of birth defects




While genetics could be the primary reason for birth defects, studies show that lifestyle plays a major role in causing these birth defects in babies. Habits like excessive smoking and drinking during pregnancy can make a negative impact on baby’s health


Myth 9:


Umbilical cord around the neck will result in C-section




Studies have shown babies are born vaginally if their parameters were fine during birthing even if they had their umbilical cord around their necks. So it is not always true that a C-section will follow such ultra sound results.


Myth 10:


Eating Ghee will help the baby slide easily through the birthing canal




Only if this was true would mothers all around the world not have to go through the entire pain and trauma of labor and delivery. Ghee if eaten in balanced proportion is an excellent source of calcium for both baby and mother but has nothing to do with the way the birthing process is affected.


As you advance in your weeks of pregnancy, you tend to get more curious to meet your baby while becoming more and more protective at the same time. You tend to believe in all the myths that float around your baby’s safety and avoid doing things that can otherwise be very useful in your pregnancy. So don’t stop drinking coconut water, eat fish to get that omega-3 fatty acids and pamper yourself during parlor visits. Debunk those myths and have a safe and healthy pregnancy.


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