Celebrating Motherhood And Breastfeeding This Mother’s Day

Celebrating Motherhood And Breastfeeding This Mother’s Day

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth” - Pamela Wiggins


BabyChakra has always acknowledged the need to breastfeed and has consistently encouraged its mothers to build this bond with their babies. Breastfeeding has always been considered as a boon for both mother and baby. On this exciting occasion of Mother’s Day, to recognize all those amazing mothers who believe in breastfeeding, who have dealt with their share of struggles to breastfeed and those who have done their due diligence towards their babies with utmost care, love and happiness, BabyChakra in collaboration with Zandu is proud to organize an event on “Breastfeeding and Motherhood” at Surya Hospital, Santacruz, Mumbai on 12th of May from 11-12pm.



Why Breastfeeding?


Research in India says that exclusive breastfeeding rate is only 34% in urban areas and 55% in rural areas. A survey from (BPNI) Breast Feeding Promotion Network of India has revealed that lack of support from family, society or medical fraternity are major reasons for a drop in this rate and a rise in opting alternate feeding methods. The need of the hour is to address this concern and build a stronger supportive community.


About the Event


This event will host a panel of experts in medical fields and mothers from all stages of motherhood, giving them a platform to discuss issues related to Breastfeeding and Motherhood through Q&As and fun activities.


The panel of medical experts will include highly experienced Doctors from Surya Hospital like Dr. Dhrupti Dhedia (Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology), Dr. Mukund Shirloka (Consultant Paediatric, Intensive Care), Ms. Parina Joshi (Consultant Nutritionist) along with our Founder and CEO of Babychakra, Naiyya Saggi.


Our association with Zandu



Zandu has a legacy mark in the world of ayurveda and medicinal products. With their latest innovation of Striveda, a Satavari lactation supplement, they are playing a major role in instilling awareness about benefits of breastfeeding in Indian mothers and their families. Shatavari is known in Ayurveda to boost lactation by increasing prolactin levels, the hormones responsible for supplying breastmilk.


This Mother’s Day, let us join hands to celebrate motherhood by means of recognizing the importance of breastfeeding and by educating ourselves about the various ways in which we can help mothers in giving this gift to herself and her baby.


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