Multiple Babies & Breastfeeding

Multiple Babies & Breastfeeding


It is not uncommon now a days to have two or three babies at a time. If you are one of those lucky ones to be blessed with multiple pregnancy, then do not panic and just go by the flow.


Tips for Breastfeeding twins


  • A mother’s body  can easily make milk for two or three babies, as per requirement of babies.
    Milk production depends on the demand of baby and how much baby sucks and not on the mother and her size and shape of breast.
  • Just trust your body, be confident and you will be able to breastfeed your little ones.
  • You can hold both your babies in football hold and breastfeeding them simultaneously.
  • You can also lie on your back with both the babies on you and breastfeed them. A skin to skin touch is very important and plays a good role in making and expressing breast milk.
  • Usually twins and triplets are born through a C-section and hence because of stitches, lying down with some assistance while the babies latch from over the shoulder of mother can be helpful. This way the little ones do not reach and touch her stitches and she will be comfortable.
  • Mothers can also express milk and feed the babies through bottles. Your partner or care givers can also feed the expressed milk to babies while mother gets to rest.


Positions for twin feeding


  • Foot ball hold.
  • Criss cross
  • V shaped
  • Parallel hold.


Feeding patterns with multiple babies


  • Directly from breast
  • Expressed milk
  • Formula Feed


If you opt for expressed milk or formula milk ensure good hygiene


  • Wash hands
  • Wash the pump used for expressing
  • Clean feeding bottle


If the babies are a little older avoid a bottle and use a cup as bottles are more difficult to clean and cause nipple confusion.


Note: More the mother feeds, more the supply of milk. A mother can easily make milk for two to three babies at a given point of time.


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