Aches And Pains During Pregnancy

Aches And Pains During Pregnancy

I'm Dr. Vaishali Joshi and I'm a consulting Obstetrician and gynecologist practising at Cloud Nine Hospital. I have been specialising in high risk pregnancies, laparoscopic advanced surgeries for 20 years, 14 of which for in UK and 6 in Mumbai.


A lot of changes happen to the body of the mother,  especially during the first time. There's always anxiety in the mind of the mother. I'm here to quell your anxiety and any questions you may have.


My pregnant wife faces breathing shortness especially while walking.

This is quite a normal symptom. Growing baby pushes on other organs and puts a strain on the body. It is also an additional weight and pressure that the mother must bear while walking. Keep up with regular checkups and mention her breathing problems to your doctor.


What can I do to treat stretch marks?

Apply some moisturizing cream twice a day.


What should I do to treat vomiting during pregnancy?

If any place or food or smell causes nausea then avoid those foods. Try to understand your body.

Take tablets prescribed by your doctor. Due to vomiting body loses fluid. So drink plenty of water, ORS, lemonade and coconut water. It will keep you hydrated and there won't be tiredness.


I'm 9 months pregnant and find it uncomfortable to sleep in any position.

Body is not used to carrying that much weight so you can use cushions or a pregnancy pillow to support your body while sleeping. Pelvic part where body has most stress will have pain. That is quite normal. Exercises like squatting should be practiced to keep body agile.


How frequently should one visit hospital during due month?

In the final month get a checkup done every week. Many things like previous pregnancy history, baby's growth rate etc matter and should be considered during checkup. On due date, a checkup is must. If your doctor says then it's safe to wait for labour even a few days after due date.



I'm in my 3rd trimester and still experience vomiting. Is it going to affect my baby?

It is necessary to get a checkup done to find out if vomiting is due to acidity. In any case it doesn't affect the baby. Stomach acid may be coming up the food pipe due to pressure by uterus. It is important to maintain good eating habits. You can take digene syrup, gelusil or cold milk to give you relief.


I'm 9 months pregnant. Scans show that baby's head still isn't downwards. Is it necessary for the head to be in position?

Conventionally, yes. The baby's head being downwards facilitates normal  delivery. Since the head is not towards the cervix your doctor may suggest alternate options for delivery.


I'm midway through my pregnancy and experiencing pain in my stomach. Is it safe?

If it's normal abdominal pain then get checked for indigestion, gas or constipation. If it's pain starting from waist and suddenly shooting up bringing a stiffness to stomach then get checked by doctor immediately.


I'm 6 months pregnant. How can we know if there's less water in the sack and how can we treat it?

The condition can be found by sonography. In this situation find out why there is less water. Whether bag has burst, improper functioning of placenta or inefficiency. Increasing water intake won't help as the water we consume doesn't go to uterus directly. Instead you can increase protein intake and consult your doctor for supplements.


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