Everything About Vaginal Health

Everything About Vaginal Health

I'm Dr. Shilpa Saple, consulting Obstetrician and gynecologist at Malad and Mira Road for the past 15 years.


Before we begin with the Q&A, I get a lot of questions about vaginal health particularly about discharge. Vaginal discharge is quite normal and only signifies a health issue of it is foul smelling or changes colour. The problem and cause varies from age group to age group. However it is quite normal to have mild discharge in the days prior to your period.


I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have itching and burning sensation in vagina.

This signifies that your immunity is low especially since you're pregnant. Timely treatment is must.


I have a pimple like growth on my vagina and discharge.

Wear loose fitting, cotton undergarments. Infections are caused when you wear tight, non-absorbent materials like nylon. Undertake a blood sugar test if you observe this often.


Post delivery, I'm experiencing itching around my vagina and faint red discharge.

Your uterus contracts to its normal size post delivery. This makes your symptoms quite common. You can consult your doctor for a prescription medicine or ointment. Treatment of the internal part of the vagina should be done with speculum. Your doctor may also prescribe tablets to be inserted or for oral consumption.


I'm 32 years old and observe pimple like growth on the outer side of vagina. It is painful to touch and I've observed that it occurs during periods and subsides after that.

Pimples are infected hair follicles. If the skin is not cleaned then infection develops around skin hair follicle and piss accumulates around it making it look like a pimple. It could be that it occurs during periods because of hormonal changes in your body. Maintain hygiene and proper care routine. Excess hair should be removed. Wear clean cotton undergarments which are not too tight.


I'm 9 months pregnant and experience pain while sitting and getting up. I'm anxious for a safe delivery.

Don't worry the pain is only because of the extra weight on your body. There will be no harm in delivery.


I'm 4.5 months pregnant and feel giddy while standing up.

The giddiness is caused due to postural hypertension which happens when we change positions suddenly. Blood pressure should be checked. If it's low then improve your diet.


My pregnant wife is experiencing pain in her legs.

It could be due to sudden weight gain. Consult your doctor. If weight gain is more than normal then your doctor will suggest medication.



I'm 4 months pregnant. What should I eat?

Avoid sweets. Eat a balanced diet with protein rich foods like sprouts, paneer, green vegetables, eggs and lean meat.


My First Born was delivered through C-section. Can the second time be through normal delivery.

It could be but there several factors to be taken into consideration. The baby's head should be towards the cervix. You also have to take into consideration the baby's weight and size, the health of the scar from the previous surgery. There's a risk the scar could rupture under labour pain. The best person to advise you would be your doctor.


I'm 5.5 months pregnant and experiencing itchy sensation all over my stomach.

Hormonal changes and changes in liver enzymes can cause itchiness. Get a blood test done. If there is an excessive increase in enzymes and hormones then medication will be prescribed. Apply vitamin E oil topically to moisturize and get relief from itchiness.


How many times should one use hygiene wash, especially working women who often use public toilets?

Hygiene wash can be used 2-3 times a day. Avoid excessive drying of private area.


What abortion procedures are recommended if it's been 15 days since conception?

You can consult your doctor and discuss which method is most comfortable to you. There are oral pills or D&C with general anaesthesia.


I'm 7 months pregnant and I'm experiencing pain and vaginal discharge.

Pain could be due to increased size of uterus. Foul smelling discharge is not normal and should be checked. If pain persists, consult your doctor to rule out contractions.


I'm 5 months pregnant and have swelling and itchiness in vagina.

These are typical signs of infection. Get it checked by your doctor immediately and start treatment.


I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I have pimple like growth around vagina.

It's better to get it checked by your doctor at this stage. As mentioned above, wear cotton undergarments.


What can be the cause of brown discharge?

If the discharge is post periods then polyps could be bleeding in between periods. Get a sonography to ensure if its from uterus or cervix.


How many days after delivery can a couple resume sexual relations?

45 days post delivery.


That was all for today's Q&A. Before I take my leave here are some tips on how to maintain vaginal health. Vagina naturally has an acidic PH. It should be kept dry and washed with mild soap. Always ensure that toilet seats are clean as that is the best way to get infection. To avoid infective agents you can use candidise ointment. Clotrimazole tablet can also be inserted.


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