Iron Lady Gives Birth To Twin Girls

On Sunday, the12th of May at around 9.21am, when the entire world was celebrating Mother’s Day, our very own Iron Lady of Manipur, activist Irom Sharmila gave birth to two beautiful baby girls in Bengaluru’s Cloudnine group of hospitals Malleswaram and embraced motherhood. These beautiful babies were delivered by C-Section at 35 weeks of pregnancy.


The babies have been named Nix Shakhi and Autumn Tara and were delivered a minute apart. Nix Sakhi weighed 2.16Kg and Tara weighed 2.14 kg. Irom’s obstetrician-gynaecologist, Dr. Sripada Vinekar confirmed that both mother and babies were doing fine. A gleaming Irom had her British National partner Desmond Coutinho by her side in the hospital during. Irom is 46 and had an absolutely smooth pregnancy without the slightest complications. She is truly an Iron Lady according to her Doctor.


Irom Sharmila is a well known civil right activist who went on a 16-year hunger strike between 2000 and 2016 to fight against AFSPA(Armed Forces Special Powers Act). She was put in jail for an attempt to commit suicide for her fasting and was force fed through a tube for next 16 years in JNIMS hospital, Imphal. She later decided to quit fasting and join politics.


However her electoral debut where she contested for the the post of Chief Minister did not turn out well and she decided to move on with her husband and retired to the calm and serene city of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. This did leave a big vacuum in Manipur in the struggle against AFSPA but Irom preferred leading a peaceful life and is now in a state of complete bliss being a mother to sakhi and autumn tara. We wish this new mother a beautiful and happy. motherhood.


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