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Month Wise Pregnancy Care

Month Wise Pregnancy Care

16 May 2019 | 6 min Read

Dr Saurabh Dani

Author | 10 Articles

I’m Dr. Saurabh Dani. I’m a specialist in high risk pregnancies and newborn screening.


I’m 3 months pregnant and have low blood pressure.

If it’s severely low then consult your doctor.


I’m 20 weeks pregnant. What can I do to  treat fever and cold?

Avoid medicine of possible. If its persistent then consult your doctor for medication. Use home remedies like warm water gargling, turmeric and milk, etc.


I’m 5 months pregnant. Can sonography show deformities in baby?

First sonography is done at 5 to 8 weeks for confirmation and to detect whether baby is in uterus or fallopian tube. Second scan is done between 18 to 20 weeks. This is an anomaly scan to detect first level anomalies. Level 3 scan is necessary to completely determine baby’s  health.


I’m 3 months pregnant. Tests show that my blood level is less.

Check for thalassemia. Consume foods rich in iron and take folic acid supplements.


I’m 7 months pregnant and experience pain and difficulty while getting up from bed.

Uterus ligaments are attached to thighs and vagina. With growth it gets stretched. Change your position carefully don’t exert your body.


My wife is 9 months pregnant. Our baby is 3kg. Can she deliver normally?


  • Yes. Keep following light exercises and proper diet.
  • Its normal to have a baby weighing 2.5 to 3.5 kg.
  • Keep motivating her and support her.


What is the reason behind white discharge?

Small amount of white discharge is normal. If it’s more check for fungal infection.


Is it necessary to exercise for normal delivery?

It is advised to exercise all through term. It keeps the mother and baby fit. It also increases chances of normal delivery.



How to detect baby’s movement?

It starts between 18 to 20 weeks. First it will be a gentle sensation like butterfly fluttering. Later on you can feel hard movements.


I’m 24 weeks pregnant. Baby’s growth was good but movement isn’t felt.

In first pregnancy it’s difficult to feel the movement.


I’m 2 months pregnant. I’m experiencing vomiting and constipation. What should I do?

Vomiting often leads to constipation. Keep drinking water.


I’m 8 months pregnant and still feel nauseous.

Stomach gets cramped due to expansion of uterus. Due to this digestion gets affected. If vomiting is due to acidity take medicine.


My blood group is B negative. Will this affect the baby?

As long as the blood group of baby and mother is compatible it shouldn’t affect the baby. Keep some blood in your group as standby in case complications arise.


How do I deal with loss of appetite?

Eat whatever you feel like in the first trimester to avoid weakness. However stick to a healthy diet from second trimester onwards.


When to start vaccination and what vaccines should I take?

In first trimester it’s important to take anti-tetanus followed by hepatitis B in second trimester. A second shot of TT needs to be taken again in between 28 to 32 weeks accompanied by diphtheria vaccine.


I’m 8 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to have sex?

If no health complications then you can go ahead.


What is meant by oligohydramnios?

It means that water is less in the bag. Talk to your doctor if you have been diagnosed with it.


I’m 13 weeks pregnant and experienced water discharge.

Consult your doctor immediately.


How to cope with piles and constipation?

Uterus gives pressure on rectum where stool is collected especially during first and third trimester. Eat foods rich in fiber. Also include banana in your diet.


How to cope with calcium deficiency?

For healthy diet inclusive of calcium consume milk and milk products. If you eat non-vegetarian food then eat chicken, fish and eggs. If you have aversion to these foods then ask your doctor to increase dosage of calcium supplement.


I’m pregnant and have asthma. I use inhaler. Is it safe for the baby?

Consult your doctor and ensure that the dosage doesn’t increase.


I’m 20 weeks pregnant and my haemoglobin is 8.4.

Check for thalassemia. Ensure you are taking proper supplements for iron and multivitamin. The haemoglobin should get corrected within a month else you will have to take alternative methods of supplements like injection.


Which test is better? Triple test or quadruple test?

Quadruple test is superior. It should be done between 16 to 18 weeks. Never before 16 weeks. Whenever you’re getting a test done ensure it is administered by a good doctor and with an efficient machine.


What are some good home remedies for vomiting?

Hajmola or something salty helps. Keep a piece in your mouth and suck on it to overcome nausea.


Is it safe to travel when I’m 8 months pregnant?

It is not safe to travel by air. I would suggest to travel by road. Cars and buses are better options than autorickshaw or bikes. Best option is train.


How many Ultrasound scans should be done over the course of pregnancy?

At least 3-4 scans are required throughout pregnancy. The first is called the dating scan. Second is known as early anomaly scan. The third one is done to get an estimate of due date. Doctor will prescribe if any more scans are required in case of complications.


Will it affect the baby if mother has negative and father has positive blood group?

The baby can match either the mother’s or the father’s blood group. It can be determined only after the baby’s birth. In your first pregnancy it won’t affect the baby whether it matches the mother’s blood or father’s. However if the baby has a blood group opposite to that of mother’s, post delivery mother will have to take special injections. The injections prevent complications in future pregnancies.


Why doe urine infection happen?

There are two major causes. First is dehydration or less water intake. Second is external factors where the infection spreads through unclean environment.

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