All Queries Regarding Obstetrical & Gynaecological Problems

All Queries Regarding Obstetrical & Gynaecological Problems

I'm Dr. Vaishali Joshi and I'm a consulting Obstetrician and gynecologist practising at Cloud Nine Hospital. I have been specialising in high risk pregnancies, laparoscopic advanced surgeries for 20 years, 14 of which for in UK and 6 in Mumbai.


I'm 27 weeks pregnant. What diet should I follow?

Pregnancy is a healthy state of body and not a disease. Eat whatever you eat regularly just ensure that it is a complete balanced diet. From 28 week onwards you can have small meals frequently.


I'm 2 months pregnant. I noticed some mild bleeding. Is it harmful?

Bleeding no matter how mild should not be ignored. Consult your  doctor immediately to check if it affects the baby.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have low haemoglobin.

Cases of low haemoglobin are common in India. Eat iron rich foods like carrot, ragi, dates, beetroot, etc. Apart from food also supplement your diet with folic acid, B12 tablets. If tablets are ineffective then you can opt for infusion injections. It's nothing serious if addressed on time.


How to ensure normal delivery?

Lead an active lifestyle. Baby and mother's fitness is a must. Practice antenatal exercises. Practice exercises specifically targeting birth canal and pelvic area. Target should not be normal delivery but healthy baby and healthy pregnancy


Why am I experiencing pain even post delivery?

Post delivery pain is called post party arthralgia. About 30% to 40% women suffer from it. It's an effect of pregnancy hormones which stay in body even post delivery. The pain should subside in 2-3 months. Consult your doctor for painkillers


How to cope with tiredness and lethargy?

It's a common problem during pregnancy. However you should get your thyroid and haemoglobin levels checked. Drink plenty of water and refreshing drinks like lemonade and ORS. Eat small meals frequently. Take half hour walks to improve general health, cardio and blood circulation. Lead a healthy lifestyle and you'll gradually recover your energy.



Post C-section delivery, I'm experiencing backache.

The backache isn't related to delivery. Most women experience aches due to injection. The pain will subside. Follow your doctor's advice. Till the pain subsides don't bend, squat or stress your back. Take calcium supplements.


Is low fluid level harmful for baby?

With the growth of baby, fluid becomes low. There are sonography tests and computerized scans to monitor the overall health of the baby. As long as your doctor advises that the baby is fine you don't have to worry.


I'm in the 3rd month of pregnancy and experience backaches.

The dynamics inside the body are changing. The pelvis is also expanding to accommodate the growing baby. Due to these reasons, pain will be there. It's nothing abnormal.


What are the chances of having a vaginal delivery if previous delivery was via cesarean?

There are several deciding factors. The major one being the reason the previous delivery was done via C-section. If the mother goes into labour the doctor may decide to have a trial for vaginal birth. There's 70% chances of this. At the end the objective is to choose an action which is best for mother and baby both.


I'm 15 days pregnant and experiencing back pain.

Its very important to take calcium and iron supplements regularly at this stage.


How soon is it safe to resume sexual relations post delivery?

It's safe to wait 6-8 weeks to give the mother time to recover her health. Lactation period usually acts as a natural contraception but there's still a high chance of conceiving during this period. It's extremely important to use a barrier to prevent conception.


Is it safe to have sex during the pregnancy term?

If you have a history of miscarriage the its best to avoid. Consult your doctor.


Can pregnancy make a woman volatile?

Yes. Due to hormonal changes, even minor things can cause pain and stress and make the mother vulnerable and volatile. At this stage it's important for her partner to be empathetic, patient and supportive.


What does white discharge indicate?

It's quite normal. If it's consistency is thicker than usually, foul smelling or coloured then there's a possibility of infection. Consult your doctor.


Is travelling during pregnancy safe?

There's no conclusive evidence showing that travelling adversely affects the health of the mother and child. Public transport is OK. Avoid bikes and scooters. If you have any health complications then consult your doctor. Nowadays ‘babymoon’ is trending. Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest with domestic travels. International travels should not be allowed beyond 28 weeks.


How to reduce tummy post delivery?

It takes 6 months or more to come back to previous size. You can aid the process by exercising to regain ab muscles and wearing corset to support back. However, exercise regime should only be started after three months from delivery.


What does itching indicate?

If the stomach skin itches then it's normal. It occurs since skin is being stretched by a lot. However if itching is concentrated in soles of feet and palms then consult your doctor immediately for a liver function test. Use oil or moisturizer to deal with itchiness.


What should I do to cure constipation during pregnancy?

Intestine function gets hampered during pregnancy. It can be due to iron tablets or also due to growing uterus. Avoid outside food as it hampers growth of healthy gut bacteria. Consult your doctor for medicines.


How to deal with backache?

It is a common problem during pregnancy. Practice back exercises and yoga under proper guidance.


I'm experiencing pain in vaginal stitches post delivery.

The pain sometimes stays for 2-3 months. It occurs due to improper healing or improperly administered stitches. Consult your doctor. Meanwhile you can apply olive oil or coconut oil to keep the skin moisturized.


The umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. Is it going to be dangerous for the baby?

The umbilical cord connects baby to the mother for exchange of nutrients and waste. It sometimes gets tangled with the baby but it's not always fatal. As long as you can hear a regular heartbeat then baby is safe. If heartbeat is slowing down then C-section may be required. Consult your doctor for advice.


Earlier baby had a normal heartbeat but now no heartbeat is there. What can be the reason?

It's a case of missed miscarriage. If the baby is not growing with all healthy parameters, it gets terminated by the body naturally. There are several reasons for this. Major causes are chromosomal defects like extra chromosome, defects in genetic material mixing, etc. In such cases the body stops supporting the fetus. The cause must be analysed properly by doctors to ensure safe pregnancy next time.


I'm 29 weeks pregnant and experiencing body pain and weakness.

It is a very common experience due to weight gain. Eat small meals frequently to aid digestion. Hydrate your body with salt/sugar drinks. Ensure that you are consuming 3-3.5 litres of water everyday. Exercise regularly and take calcium supplements.


Can sugar issues lead to high risk pregnancies?

Before planning pregnancy, consult a specialist. Sugar should be normal otherwise it will affect organ formation in baby.


I'm 4 months pregnant and have had no  weight gain yet.


Keep up with proper diet and it can increase afterwards. In initial stages, it remains stagnant or decreases due to vomiting. By 9th month you should reach your targeted weight. 

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