Top 3 Street Smart Markets in NOIDA

Top 3 Street Smart Markets in NOIDA

I was super excited about my friend's birthday bash in the evening… as with twins, you barely get to go anywhere. So I pulled out their new dresses and just as I put it on them, to my horror, it did not fit well anymore! Damn, it was an expensive one… we had bought them from a foreign chain of kid's clothing and they had barely worn it once! I had to rush to open the stock of their new clothes and go with whatever fits them now.

This is such a common scenario! You buy something, it becomes short or, tight or, you just don't like it anymore. With the city's obsession with brands, you don't wish to waste that kind of money on clothes for kids that they outgrow within such short spans of time.

I then visited the nearest flea market and realized that the quality there is not that bad actually, contrary to our assumption about street shops.

Here are my TOP 3 picks for Street Smart MARKETS IN NOIDA:


1. Atta Market

Location: Sector 18, NOIDA
Nearest Metro Station: Atta Market
This market is a hands down winner of the city. Not just stuff for kids, but everything that you have been looking for is available in this market, from clothes for young ones, shoes, food items, fancy dresses, bags, bottles, everything. It is spread out on almost a kilometer long stretch.

Things to be careful of:

- It is closed on Tuesdays
- You definitely need to bargain a lot
- If you find decent space to even WALK, you are lucky
- Best time to visit is between 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM as the rush is lesser
- Try not to take your stroller, as there's barely any space there
- Parking is a nightmare, Metro or rickshaw travel suggested

2. Indira Market

Location: Sector 27, NOIDA
Nearest Metro Station: Atta Market
Indira market is not as huge as the Atta Market and you have limited stores for kids, but the collection here is pretty decent. It is a paradise for budget shopping and you can get toys, clothes, shoes, everything at a reasonable price. The stores here do not bargain much, but the street vendors may allow some of it. It is moderately busy - not too busy, and not too free either. You can take your stroller, but the road gets slightly bumpy for the stroller there. You can visit there almost any time as even in the peak hours it is not madly occupied.

Things to be Careful of:
- It is closed on Tuesdays
- Some shopkeepers get very rude if you try to bargain, so be a little careful
- Parking is a nightmare, rickshaw travel suggested

3. Bhramhaputra Market

Location: Sector 29, NOIDA
Nearest Metro Station: Botanical Garden
Though this market has been a paradise for food lovers, recently a lot of vendors have started putting up their stalls for toys, and children wear. Very genuine, daily wear stuff can be bought at this place, and it is a must try. They have all the latest stuff on sale, like some of the markets in Delhi do. It facilitates quick shopping if you have less time at hand, as it has trendy but limited number of stalls. By late evenings, some patches get very busy and it may be difficult to even walk around with your baby, so try and visit in the early evening hours. Paid parking spots are usually available, unless you go post 8:00 PM in the evening, when it becomes crowded and parking space is impossible.

Things to be Careful of:
- Closed on Tuesdays
- Best time to visit is in the evening, by 5:00 PM. Most of the stalls are not put up until that time
- No place for stroller

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