Pain During Pregnancy

Pain During Pregnancy

With pregnancy comes lot of physical changes in body. These physical changes result in all sorts of aches and pains. Some aches and pains can be causes of concerns and should not be neglected like:


  • Abdominal ache
  • Backache that doesn’t go away
  • Head aches that are consistent and new with pregnancy
  • Leg aches that are consistent


While allopathy can give quick relief, one must not take any medicines without doctor consultation in pregnancy. Homeopathy on the other hand seems to have is own benefits. Here is a transcript of a video chat with Dr. Mukta Chowdhary which tells all about approach of homeopathy to aches and pains during pregnancy.


I'm Dr. Mukta Chowdhary. I have 15 years of experience in homeopathy and I specialise in weight loss and body aches related to pregnancy.


I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have tummy ache.

Remain active and normal. It is a normal occurrence during pregnancy. If the pain is unbearable then visit your doctor for consultation.


How to deal with morning sickness?

Avoid remaining on empty stomach for long duration. Eat every two hours. Drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration.


I'm 37 weeks pregnant and experiencing loose motions.

Consult gynecologist. Hormonal changes often affect  digestive processes.


I often experience stomach ache after eating.

Avoid oily and spicy foods. Take short walks after meals to aid digestion.


I'm 20 weeks pregnant. I'm having headaches and also gas issues.


  • Make sure your food doesn't have too much salt, sugar or oil.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food.
  • Exercise regularly and monitor your blood pressure.


I'm experiencing pain under my left breast.


  • Avoid wearing heels and opt for comfortable shoes.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Eat some dry fruits first thing in the morning.
  • Hormonal changes can cause breast pain. If it's unbearable then visit doctor for treatment.


I missed my periods 3 days ago. When can I check for pregnancy?

If cycle is regular then you can test anywhere between 2 days or a week after missed period.


I'm 10 weeks pregnant and experiencing back pain.

Ensure that your posture is correct. Exercise regularly. If pain is persistent then use alternating hot and cold packs. Take adequate rest and avoid physical exertion.


I'm 3 weeks pregnant. I'm experiencing pain in lower abdomen and also some discharge.

It's quite normal don't worry. However if the discharge is foul smelling then get checked for infection.



I'm experiencing pimples and pigmentation since I conceived.

It's a normal side effect of hormonal changes. Drink lots of water as it can detox and maintain body's balance of chemicals. Avoid oily food as it triggers pimples.


What should be weight gain rate?

The standard weight gain for Indian women is between 8-10 kgs.


How to cope with weakness?

Ensure you are taking proper supplements like folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamin D. Do regular blood check ups to monitor haemoglobin level.


What can I do for severe headaches?

Headaches are usually caused by stress. Find the cause of tension. Also check your blood pressure.


When does baby start moving?

Movement can be felt around 18+ weeks.


Will thyroid issues affect my baby?

It can cause development problems in baby and also preterm delivery. Consult your doctor.


Haemoglobin level is 10.2 and I feel uneasiness while breathing. What should I do?

Uterus is at the center which puts some pressure on the lungs. While sleeping opt to sleep on your side or propped up pose using pillows. Consult your doctor for improving haemoglobin levels.


I'm 24 weeks pregnant and have unbearable pelvic pain.

Pelvic pain is normal during pregnancy. Consult your doctor for painkillers.


I'm experiencing breast pain as my pregnancy progresses. Is this normal?

Breast pain occurs because the ducts in breast become enlarged in preparation for lactation. This is triggered by hormonal changes and is quite natural. Don't worry.


Which position is best for sleeping during pregnancy, left or right?

Whichever position is most comfortable for you is the best. Use pillows to support your body. Left or right doesn't make a difference.


I'm 8 months pregnant. My haemoglobin level is 8.8.

That is very low even for the haemoglobin trends on Indian women. It should be at least 12-13. Check for thalassemia and consult your doctor for supplements.


I'm experiencing itching all over my body. What should I do?

Consult your gynaecologist. It could be an allergy or another reason which you need to find out for treatment.


I have cyst in my ovaries and experiencing pain. What should I do?

I would recommend bed rest. Consult your doctor for treatment and undergo a sonography scan.


I'm 4 months pregnant. How should I cope with loss of appetite?

Eat small meals every 2 hours. Avoid foods which trigger nausea. Don't remain on an empty stomach for long as it may cause acidity.


I'm 9 months pregnant and experiencing leg pain.

The pain is due to the weight gain. Take adequate rest.


I'm pregnant but haven't been experiencing morning sickness. Is it normal?

You're among the lucky few. It's quite normal.


I'm 9 months pregnant. Is it safe to lead a fully active lifestyle?

Yes. In fact it is encouraged for health and fitness.


I'm 7 months pregnant and unable to sleep. What should I do?

The body feels uneasy because of weight gain and increasing size of uterus. Use pillows to prop up your body and find a comfortable posture while sleeping.


I'm 3 months pregnant and carrying twins. Should I take any special care?

Regular exercise and daily walks are a must to maintain physical fitness.


What tests should be done immediately after confirmation of pregnancy?

Sonography, ultrasound and a full blood profile is must. A urine test is also important. It is also important to get checked for underlying conditions like thalassemia.


What diet is suitable for dealing with constipation?

Soup, salad, green vegetables, fruits and high fiber foods help to deal with constipation.


I'm 8 months pregnant and experienced bleeding. Is it normal?

Check with your gynaecologist to understand if it was internal or external and treat it accordingly. Any bleeding no matter how mild shouldn't be ignored.


Can weight loss occur during 3rd month?

Yes, it is normal. It happens because of vomiting. You'll recover by next month.


It's my first week of pregnancy and I have been feeling dizzy.

Get a blood test and check blood sugar levels.


Which food should I eat so that my baby has fair complexion?

No food can decide colour of complexion. It is decided by genetics. A healthy diet will ensure healthy skin.


Do uterine fibroids affect pregnancy?

No. It is common, the fibroid may grow  with baby. It will subside naturally post delivery. 


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