9 Months Of Nutrition During Pregnancy

9 Months Of Nutrition During Pregnancy

I'm Dr. Monica Magoo and I have a Postgraduate degree in Nutrition and Diet from KEM Hospital. I have 12 years of practice and started my own clinic 3 years ago. I also have digital platform called Diet Point.


What should be my diet plan for second trimester?

Don't overeat during pregnancy. Excessive weight gain may lead to an obese baby. It could lead to many issues post pregnancy. Eat at least 300 kilocalories per day. Tea with rusk or khakhra are good options for teatime. Make sure to eat at least 2 fruits per day. Meals should consist of roti(bajra/nachni/jowar) and vegetables. Include nuts, green leafy vegetables, tofu/paneer, soya, pulses and lean meat(grilled) in your diet. Strictly stay away from bread and outside food.


What should I eat for normal delivery?

Monitor your weight gain. If the baby weighs more than standard it becomes impossible to deliver normally. Healthy wei gain is 8-12 kg. If you were previously weighing more than standard then 7kg. Avoid oil, ghee and fats. Eat regular quantity and avoid overeating.


I'm 2 months pregnant. How can I deal with morning sickness?

Eat dry fruits, nuts or dates first thing in the morning. Strictly avoid tea, coffee or cola.  Lemonade is a good option as it increases iron absorption and controls nausea. Milk can be substituted with curd. If milk makes you nauseous then you can add cardamom powder or vanilla essence to enhance flavor.


Is it important to avoid smoking and alcohol during pregnancy?

Smoking and drinking are common these days but they adversely affect major organs in the body. As soon as you learn about your pregnancy immediately quit these habits. If you are planning for a pregnancy quit these habits well in advance. Consumption of iron and folic acid supplements are a must. Absolutely avoid raw food like half cooked eggs as these can lead to infection. Processed food and junk foods are also a no. Include whole grains in your diet.


How long should iron and calcium supplements be taken?

It's important to continue the consumption of these upto 4-5 months post delivery. After that you can use supplements for 2 months then take a 4 month break and then again consume for 2 months. Haemoglobin levels should ideally be 12. Anywhere between 11-12 is acceptable but 12 is optimal.


My weight is 42 kg. Is it adequate for pregnancy?

Height to weight ratio is important. If you have average height then eat fats and proteins to gain up to 20kg. Fat should be from healthy sources. Eat at least one egg everyday. Include milk, pulses and high protein foods in diet.


Is C-section dangerous?

In India normal delivery is allowed while in some countries like Hong-Kong only C-section is allowed as it can be monitored. C-section is controlled whole normal birth leaves some things to chance.


I'm overweight and have been diagnosed with fibroids.

Do not gain more weight as it will increase fibroids.


I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Will drinking ghee lead to normal delivery?

No. What you eat goes to stomach and not uterus. Eat healthy and balanced diet. Exercise for normal delivery and to help in contractions.



How to cope with constipation?

Have milk and dates at night. Include salads, soup and high fiber foods in diet. Drink plenty of water. Eat one teaspoon of flax seeds twice a day.


I'm 3 months pregnant and want to lose some weight.

Weight gain should not be more than 7-8kg. At this stage it is not advisable to lose weight as it is a developing stage. Eat healthy.


I'm 9 months pregnant and my baby's movement is very less.

Baby movement has no relation to diet. Consult your doctor immediately.


How to deal with diabetes during pregnancy?

Insulin falls short if there is rapid and excessive weight gain during pregnancy. Later on it may even lead to thyroid. Take prescribed medication and don't eat outside food. Eat only homemade food, fruits and salads.


What can I do to reduce vomiting?

Reduce tea, coffee and cola. Eat chatpata candy and drink lemonade. Substitute food that triggers nausea.


I'm 8 weeks pregnant but haven't experienced any nausea. Is this normal?

Yes, it is. You are among the lucky few who do not experience morning sickness.


What risks can be avoided using proper diet?

Several diet related disorders can be avoided like sugar, blood pressure, etc. But a healthy diet is only one part there are other factors like exercise and calming exercises.


I'm 5 weeks pregnant. How to deal with back pain?

Overall nutrition is to be checked. Undertake a test to determine iron and calcium levels in body. Include supplements for these in your diet. Take adequate rest.


I've already crossed the 9 monthark yet there is no labour.

If doctor has advised to wait for 8-10 days then it's safe. Trust your doctor's judgment


How to cope with tiredness and headaches?

Ensure you get at least 7-8 hrs of sleep at night and 1-2 hours of sleep in afternoon. Monitor blood pressure, sugar and haemoglobin. Food should be healthy and if sufficient quantity. An empty stomach can cause acidity which can trigger headaches.


What are dos and don'ts during pregnancy?

Quit alcohol, smoking and outside food. If you crave something you usually eat outside like Chinese cuisine then prepare it at home as vendors usually add colour and chemicals which are harmful. Commercial food vendors also use palm oil which is very unhealthy. Avoid tea and coffee as these hamper absorption of nutrients. Drink lemonade.


What can I do to deal with skin pigmentation and fat gain?

Both are very common and take time to subside post delivery. Some come to doctors after 10-15 days for a solution. However common ladies should not compare themselves to celebrities who look picture perfect even after immediately giving birth. Celebrities have a number of staff to take care of their every need. Regular mothers have to stay awake whole night to take care of their baby which affects the skin. Give your skin some time to come back to normal. As for weight loss, let the body follow its natural course and avoid gym immediately after delivery. Breastfeeding naturally burns calories which can keep further weight gain in check. If you wish, visit a dietician after two  months.


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