Chavvi Mittal Bearing Rare Side Effects Of Spinal Delivery-Know All About It

Recently, a well known television actress and co-founder of S.I.T, Chavvi Mittal, was in news for delivering a healthy baby boy. An inspiration for millennial mothers, Chavvi has managed her motherhood and career with amazing balance and continues to do so the second time around too. A thorough professional, Chavvi recently took to twitter to post her picture with a laptop while on her hospital bed, suffering from some severe side effects of Spinal Block Delivery that she recently went through. In what is called a very rare side effect of Spinal Tap delivery, she has become deaf in one of the ears, her legs have swollen up to an extent where she is unable to wear her flip flops and is suffering from sever headaches.


Spinal Block Delivery is one of the known options for a pain free delivery. It is slightly different from an epidural delivery in the way it is administered and the way it affects the progress of labor.


What happens in Spinal Block Delivery?


Spinal Tap Delivery or Spinal Block or simply known as Spinal is an option which gives quick relief from labor pain.It numbs the lower half of the body, below waist and is effective for a limited period of time. The patient remains alert when under medication.


A nurse or anesthesiologist inserts a needle into the lower back and administers it through the membrane surrounding the spinal cord and spinal fluid and slowly releases an anesthetic medicine with or without narcotic into spinal fluid. There is a bee sting kind of a feeling when this is injected. Although the body goes numb below waist, the pressure is retained. As the medicine wears off, sensation in legs resumes allowing mobility.


How is it different from Epidural Delivery?


Epidural is administered slowly through a catheter. It is not injected directly into the spinal fluid. The dose is managed as per pain and pressure. With epidural relief is temporary and the dose has to be increased as you advance in labor. Whereas, Spinal is a one time injection and is effective for a limited period of time. This results in rapid relief. Both epidural and spinal are options for C-section too.


Pros and Cons of Spinal



  • Complete pain relief in just few minutes after the medicine is injected in spine.
  • Only a limited amount of medication reaches baby
  • Works well during active labor




  • Since the medicine is effective only for two hours, it has to be administered during active labor
  • Spinal can numb the mother’s ability to push the baby out and hence take longer or might require forcep intervention
  • Administration of spinal required the patient to sit in a back bent position for five to ten minutes which can be uncomfortable
  • Continuous fetal monitoring will be required once the medicine is injected
  • Medication can zero down your muscle strength which can make you absolutely immobile for couple of hours
  • Spinal can result in drop in blood pressure, reducing the flow to baby and resulting in low fetal heart rate
  • Rare side effects can cause headaches for days, itchiness and swelling like in the case of Chavvi Mittal.
  • Soreness in the area of injection can be expected for few days and can also result in tingling sensation in legs and buttocks for few days.
  • Mothers with low blood pressure, spinal infection or allergy to anesthesia are not allowed to opt for spinal


While both spinal and epidural are commonly opted ways of delivery by pregnant women in urban areas in India, one must know the pros and cons of each opted method and should be able to bear the consequences with strength. Motherhood is a very pleasant and happy beginning for a woman but is not deprived of all the struggles and pains that she has to go through. Here is a glimpse of Chavvi Mittal sharing her views on balancing motherhood and career with Babychakra. We wish her a speedy recovery and a happy motherhood.


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