The Best Lactation and Birthing Consultants In Mumbai

The Best Lactation and Birthing Consultants In Mumbai

Breastfeeding is an unparalleled way to provide ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants; it is also an integral part of the reproductive process with significant implications for mothers ' health. WHO urges mothers to exclusively feed their children till six months of age and recommends supplementary feeding till the age of two. Breastfeeding has immeasurable benefits for both the mother and the child.

How the baby benefits from it:

  • Increased intelligence
  • Cold and flu resistance
  • Decreased risk of asthma, dental problems and obesity.
  • Decreased risk of developing physiological disorders.

How the mother benefits from it:

  • Helps the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size
  • Reduces postpartum bleeding
  • Helps the mother reach the pre pregnancy weight.
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer later on in life.

We have compiled a list of the best lactation consultants in Mumbai who will be able to help in your breastfeeding journey.


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Chanchal Khandelwal

She is a certified lactation support counselor who has an experience of 10 years. She provides services like breastfeeding classes, breastfeeding consultations, baby bonding, latching issues and any issues cropping up during the breastfeeding journey. She is associated with Wockhardt and Dr. Ambedkar Hospital and she offers home visits as well.

Connect and Heal

They are based out of Bandra and have programs related to pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. They have breastfeeding consultants, pregnancy nutrition, child development consultation and postpartum depression. They provide clinic and home visits also.

Dr. Mughda Tanmay Joshi

An International Board Certified Breastfeeding consultant, she has helped more than 1000 mothers and babies with breastfeeding issues. She offers home visits as well in and around Bandra and Khar. She can be contacted at the Holy Family Hospital, Lilavati Hospital and Pediatric Clinic.

Dr. Sneha Thakkar

She is a certified lactation trainer who assists in breastfeeding. She provides services like pregnancy diet class, fetal development class, breastfeeding class, she is a breastfeeding consultant, she also counsels on child nutrition and weaning.

Dr. Zinal Unadkat

She is one of the best lactation consultations in Mumbai and she practices at Mothers Care Clinic in Andheri West and Criti Care Multi Speciality Hospital and Research Center. Some of the services provided by her are Breastfeeding issues, vaccination / immunization and neonatal care. She is also associated with Hinduja surgical and 7 Hills Hospital.

Happy Birthing

This is a clinic run by Mansi Ashta who has completed her bachelors in physiotherapy. The services that she provides are birthing exercises, couple bonding, pre-natal yoga, swaddling a baby, breastfeeding preparation and post pregnancy sessions which also include breastfeeding and lactation tips. The sessions take place at her clinic at Powai.


Ila Mahidhar

Ila Mahidhar is a certified lactation trainer who can assist with breastfeeding support. She has more than 21 years of experience. She has BPNI Maharashtra, ACASH, UNICEF Mumbai, MBPI certification. She provides services like Breastfeeding classes, Breastfeeding consultations, Baby bonding, Latching issues and sessions on weaning foods after the baby completes 5 months.


Dr Riddhi Chandarana Kataria - Fit For Birth

Located at Mulund, her clinic offers an array of services like pregnancy wellness program, labor preparation program, post pregnancy fitness program, weaning program, prenatal wellness programs, healthy mom and healthy baby program and Lamaze sessions.

Sama Birthing & Beyond

Sama Birthing & Beyond offers classes for parents in yoga, pre-natal & birthing. Seema Kazi-Rangnekar is a 10-year-old yoga practitioner. Seema is a Pregnancy Fitness & Nutrition Educator, Childbirth and Professional Postpartum Association (CAPPA) certified by CAPPA, USA. Their classes have sessions like Birthing exercise, Couple bonding, Pre-natal yoga, Swaddling a baby, Preconception counseling, Pregnancy yoga, Postnatal mother care, Postnatal exercise, Postnatal diet, Baby care, Toddler nutrition and breastfeeding preparation.

Dr. Vidula Mhatre

Dr. Vidula Mhatre is a physiotherapist who practices at Birthblossom and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. They have sessions like pregnancy progression, diet during pregnancy, prenatal fitness program including breathing exercises, prenatal yoga, relaxation and Lamaze breathing, breastfeeding preparation, infant care, post-partum care for mothers.

Dr. Yatri Thacker

She is a homeopathic physician, stress counselor and an international childbirth educator. She has an expansive experience of 14 years and has won a number of awards for her work as well.


Pregnancy fitness, prenatal care, pregnancy n lactation diet, laboratory preparation, breast feeding and back to shape after childbirth are one to one personal n specialized classes. Secure exercise with physiotherapist, follow a custom diet plan with nutritionist, and regular birth educators tips & advice. All this and much more with additional Fab Moms. Online programs for Educational modules, Training advice and Diet & Nutrition guidance for traveling n busy moms Home visits are available across most areas of Mumbai. Online programs for areas outside Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane are available.

So if you are facing any issue while trying to breastfeed your baby, do not worry. You can refer to this list of lactation consultants in Mumbai and seek help.


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