All Blood Tests and Investigations During Pregnancy

All Blood Tests and Investigations During Pregnancy

I'm Dr. Nikhil Datar and I'm a senior Gynecologist and medical director at Cloud Nine Hospital, Malad. I'm also a consultant at Life Mayo, Malad. I also practice on my own at Yashoda Hospital. I'm the past I have been associated with Nanavati and Hinduja. I was also a Post Graduate professor at R. N. Cooper Hospital. To know more about blood tests and investigations you can visit my website : and go to the Patient Education section and blogs.


I had low blood count (10) at 4 months. Now it's 6. Should I take a test?

Yes. Doctor may have prescribed medicine. Take a test to know if there's any improvement from the medicine otherwise you will have to switch to something more effective.


I had a thyroid test done 4 months ago. What other tests do I need to do?

It is very important to test for hypothyroidism. Other tests if required will be prescribed.


My haemoglobin is 11.7. Is it normal?

Continue the medicine prescribed by your doctor.


I'm 4 months pregnant and my haemoglobin has come  down to 8.

Occasionally due to technical error there is difference of 1gm. But try to bring it up above 12.


I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I took a triple test. Is it enough?

Triple test is an age old test but it has low accuracy. It is done to check Down’s syndrome. Nowadays we have advanced scans like Quadruple marker or Dual marker. Before 20th week get a detailed sonography.


What tests should I do to monitor high blood pressure and its effects?

High blood pressure is very harmful for baby. Regularly consult your doctor. Monitor kidney and liver function.


I'm 8 weeks pregnant. What tests should I do?

HIV, blood group, thyroid, haemoglobin, HBSE, HCB are some important blood tests. Also undertake a urine test, blood sugar and dual marker tests. If possible before marriage take a thalassemia test. If one parent is thalassemia minor then there is a ¼ chance that the baby can be thalassemia major. If not before marriage then at least take a thalassemia tests before planning pregnancy.


I'm 8 months pregnant. Should I get another ultrasound?

Yes. At 3-4 scans are required to monitor growth of baby.


What are some foods which are good for haemoglobin?

Any black or green vegetables or foods, sunflower seeds, (chicken/mutton/fish) liver, dry fruits, colourful fruits. It is a common misconception that only carrots and beetroots have iron. But the blacker or greener a vegetable the higher its iron content. Also try cooking one meal in an iron utensil. Drink lemonade as it helps in iron absorption.


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