All About Prenatal Care

All About Prenatal Care

I am Dr. Pratibha Gulati. I am a physical therapist, lactation counselor and postpartum counselor. I have 10 years of experience. I'm a CAPA certified childbirth educator since more than 6 years. I hold regular group, individual and even online sessions to help in the journey of pregnancy. I advise on exercises,  breathing and relaxation, posture care, postnatal care,lactation and diet.


I'm 36 weeks pregnant and experiencing pain in pelvic area.

It is normal due to body weight. Baby also gets engaged. Practice Kegel’s exercises. You can also wear pelvic belts which are available in markets. Avoid climbing up steps and forward bending movements or exercises.


I'm 8 weeks pregnant. What care should I take?

Good nutrition, exercise to develop strong back muscles. Practice Kegel’s exercises and pelvic floor strengthening exercises right from the onset of pregnancy.


How long should a pregnant lady sleep?

Depends on lifestyle and other factors. It is important to take short naps in the afternoon to give rest to the baby too.


Is it possible to have normal delivery with obesity and gestational diabetes?

The method of delivery can only be decided at the last stage depending on the weight of mother and baby. You should take care about food. It should be nutritious but not something that gets converted to sugar like rice.


I'm 2 months pregnant and have low blood pressure.

Take adequate rest. Drink lemonade with rock salt every two hours. Also eat citrus fruits. Be careful not to fall due to dizziness.


I'm 11 weeks pregnant and have high blood pressure. Everything else is normal.

BP must be brought under control immediately. Avoid salt, pickle and foods with high salt. Exercising helps bring down blood pressure. Drink ginger tea and press acupressure points to treat headaches due to blood pressure.


I'm 5 weeks pregnant and have diabetes. I have had three miscarriages previously.

Consult a dietician along with your gynaecologist. Be very strict with your food. Practice easy exercises like breathing and stretching. Do not bend or overexert yourself. Avoid squatting posture till you're 23-24 weeks pregnant. Do not sit down on the floor.


I'm 6 weeks pregnant. How to understand if baby is doing well?

At this stage, baby is the size of a pea. Take care of yourself, relax and enjoy your pregnancy.


What can I do for relief from nausea?

Take small meals frequently. Drink ginger tea and keep a piece of ginger in your mouth.


I'm 37 weeks pregnant and experiencing back pain.

If it is accompanied by abdominal pain and is of rhythmic frequency then it indicates false labour. Consult your doctor.


I'm 16 weeks pregnant and experiencing stomach pain.

Try to find the timing of the pain. It will help you to find its cause. Especially keep note if it happens after mealtime. Doctor will be able to prescribe proper medication if you can report symptoms properly. Avoid spicy food and drink lots of water. Eat small meals frequently and eat fruits.


I'm 28 weeks pregnant. Which exercises should I do?

You can practice stretching, Kegel’s exercises and back extension but only under guided supervision.


How to treat cough and cold during pregnancy?

Depends on the weather conditions you live in and also dust, pollution among other factors. Take vitamin C enriched foods like kiwi, orange and citrus fruits. Drink lemonade and eat chyawanprash. Drink lukewarm water.


I'm 20 weeks pregnant and suffering from indigestion.

Sip on ginger infused water. Eat small meals frequently. Avoid foods that trigger nausea. Note down the timing of vomiting and consult doctor.


I'm 6 weeks pregnant and experiencing stomach pain.

If pain is accompanied by discharge then consult doctor immediately. Otherwise it could a be a case of indigestion and gas.


After c-section, how to tighten loose tummy?

There are exercises like leg raises and abs toning exercises. But these should only be done after internal stitches have healed.


I'm 30 weeks pregnant and have leg aches.

Water retention and wrong footwear could be a cause. You can get relief by keeping your feet raised on a pillow there are leg exercises too to improve blood circulation. Soak legs in warm water to relax the nerves.


I'm 9 months pregnant. Can I eat raw papaya?

Yes you can. But it's shouldn't be overripe. Prefer seedless.


I frequently experience urine infection problems. What can I do for normal delivery?

Keep yourself clean. Ensure that the toilets you use are clean. Drink plenty of water. Practice specific exercises for normal delivery under supervision.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have vaginal pain.

It should not pain at this stage. It could be because your body is getting used to baby's weight. Practice Kegel exercises at least 100 times. It will ease pain and tighten muscles. Breathing exercises will help baby to move up from vaginal area. You can also wear a pelvic support belt which is available in the market. Whenever the pain becomes intense, lie down for half an hour with a pillow between your legs.


After my first baby, my stomach still hasn't reduced.

Many things are required for a toned stomach. You need to take care of diet and exercise your abs. You can observe 60%-70% reduction quite soon if you follow these two things. Patience is also required.


My first born was delivered normally. Can I expect my second baby to be delivered normally too?

Yes. If blood pressure, sugar and everything else is normal you can have normal delivery.


I'm 13 weeks pregnant and experiencing vomiting.

It's quite common. Drink ginger water. Eat small frequent meals. Relax and practice breathing exercises.


What can I do for relief from acidity?

Take care of food. Avoid spicy food. A growing uterus puts pressure on the stomach causing indigestion. Avoid outside food. Keep away form chillies of all kinds including capsicum till you get relief.


I'm 8 months pregnant and experiencing breathing discomfort.

Baby puts pressure on lungs due to which this happens. Take small amount of food at one time and go for small walks after each meal. Then rest. Do not wear tight clothing. Practice breathing exercises.


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