All About Postnatal Care And Breastfeeding

All About Postnatal Care And Breastfeeding

Post delivery the new mom is so hassled and tired looking after her newborn that she fails to provide enough care to herself. She suffers body ache, backache etc. Today we will address all the issues here.

I have an 8 month old baby by c-section, when to plan second baby?

It should be minimum 3 to 3.5 years after the first born because body takes that long to recover and get ready to nourish the second baby. Besides your first baby also will become neglected.

My 5 month old baby is on breastfeed. Till now periods have not come. Could it be pregnancy?

When you keep baby exclusively on breastfeed, this happens. Breastfeeding acts like a protection from getting pregnant soon again. If you have doubts then consult your gynaecologist.

My 4 year old baby doesn't want to have anything, not even fruits, except milk and breast milk. What to apply on nipples to discourage her?

It's not good to keep baby only on milk as she is 4 now. You have to work on it, find out what she likes and prepare that way. You need to feed her anyhow so that she gets proper nourishment.

Suggest vegetarian food for  1.5 year baby.

Mashed potatoes, fruits, upma, roti soaked in dal water and khichdi etc. Make baby sit with you to have meals together.

Baby is 5 day old but I don't have sufficient breast milk.

It takes 3 to 5 days in some moms. The more you feed, the more milk will generate. Take good diet. Add shatavari powder to milk and have.

I had c-section 7 months ago but still there's a kind of prickly sensation around the stitches.

It feels so till 1 to 1.5 years. Don't worry, apply coconut oil.

Please suggest top feed for 7 month old.

Mashed boiled veggies, mashed dal rice, soups etc. Talk to your baby and play with her to keep her active and feel hungry.

I have constipation problem since childhood. Will my 20 day old baby also have gastric and constipation?

No, your baby won't get these from you. You have to eat fibrous food, salads, veggies, leafy veggies, juicy fruits and take lots of water. Your baby who is on breastfeed now, will also benefit.

Mother has undergone a minor surgery two days ago and unable to breastfeed baby. What to feed baby who is crying a lot?

If it's a minor surgery and mother is not in a very painful state, she can feed baby.



Post 1 month of delivery tummy is still big.

During pregnancy a woman gains 8-12 kgs in 9 months. It takes time to get back to previous size. The more you breastfeed your baby, the more hormone will secret and help your uterus will shrink. Join postnatal classes, do yoga under guidance to regain your body shape and fitness.

After c-section when can one resume daily routine work? Can I start weight loss now or it will affect baby?

You can start daily routine work. There's no harm. Keep feeding your baby which will help your uterus to shrink back. Start light exercises. Care for your baby.

What exercises to do post c-section? I need to resume office.

Yoga, 30 minutes walk along with fibre rich food and liquid diet will help.


My 2.5 month baby is sweating in palm and feet.

Don't worry. Consult a dermatologist.

My baby pukes after feeding.

Baby must be burped then after put to sleep.

Post delivery I have severe backache.

Feed baby sitting straight. Take support of pillows. While getting up from sleeping position, turn to your side and get up. Avoid bending forward. Use a hot water bag. Use a stiff mattress. To avoid back pain, correct posture is very important. That's why a pregnant lady should attend prenatal and postnatal classes to learn these.


Please suggest exercises post c-section.

Kegel’s exercise is the best to strengthen pelvic area as it is most affected during pregnancy. You can also start lower body exercises and leg exercises.


When to start postnatal exercises?

Postnatal exercises are started immediately next day or as soon as pain has settled down. Kegles exercise and other joint relaxation exercises help reduce swelling. There are a lot many other exercises too.


Which oil is good for baby?

If you are in a hot and humid location then coconut oil is a good choice.


What is postnatal care?

Postnatal Care covers the health and well-being of the mom and baby with proper guidance on food and exercise. It aims rehabilitate the mother from stress.


What things to avoid eating post delivery?

You can eat everything that is made at home. Just avoid acidic food, chillies, oily and fatty foods, junk food and outside food.


After 5 months of c-section tummy is still big.

You can start with light exercises, yoga and a 45 minutes walk daily. Take liquid food. Keep your portions small and frequent.


Please suggest something as I have cramps near stitches.

If your stitch is fresh then it can be so, especially while coughing and sneezing. You  can use support belt available in the market.


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