Everything About Breastfeeding

Everything About Breastfeeding


What could be the reason for pain in  breast?

Reasons can be many. Baby chewing on breast or not feeding for longer is a major cause. If pain is in breasts then you can use a hot water pack. If pain is only in nipples then you can use an ice pack. Breast milk application all over also relieves pain. Avoid feeding while in pain.


Baby's having loose motions and also vomiting.

Avoid eating spicy or anything that can cause acidity in baby.


I don't have sufficient milk for my newborn.

It takes two to three days for milk to be sufficient. Still you should continue to feed. The more you feed the more milk will be produced due to hormonal changes.


My baby is a month old and only takes feed for 10 minutes as there is less milk.

One session should be 40 minutes. Check why your baby stops. If the breast is too large and presses on baby's nose, if nipples are not big enough for baby to suck or some other reason could be hampering feeding. Correct position is also important. If baby passes urine around 7-8 times a day then his stomach becomes full.


My breast size is uneven post feeding.

Join postnatal class where you will learn and practice breast and arms toning exercises.


My baby is 28 days old. I have very less milk in breasts.

Watch how many times baby passes urine. If it is 7-8 times then it is alright. Keep feeding baby. Take healthy meals every two hours.


When to start weaning baby?

After 6 months you can start top feed and gradually reduce the  number of times you feed.


What can a breastfeeding mom eat?

Mother can eat everything healthy. Avoid spicy foods.


My baby doesn't take feed.

Reasons could be inactivity of baby due to which there is no appetite. Make baby active.


Can mother take shatavari powder?

If milk production is insufficient then you can.



My 2 month old baby pukes after feeding.

Position of feeding is important. Also burp your baby by keeping your baby against your shoulder and patting the back.


Baby's vagina is reddish and she seems irritated.

It could be an infection. Visit doctor.


Baby bites while taking feed.

If baby is unable to position itself to grip nipple then it behaves this way. Ensure areola (dark area around nipple) along with nipple is in baby's mouth. Mother must hold breast in c or u shape to support baby while feeding.


I've had fever and breast pain since a week.

Milk inside has formed clot this could be the cause of an infection and fever. Visit doctor.


How long should I feed baby?

Babies take feed for 20-40 minutes. For the initial 10-15 minutes the milk is full of proteins and vitamins. After that the rest of the feed is fatty, thick milk. However don't stop feeding after the initial 10-15 minutes. Feed from breast till it is completely empty and then switch to other side. The fatty milk helps baby feel full. If the baby doesn't get the fatty milk it won't feel satiated and will cry. Ensure that you burp the baby else it will vomit out all the feed. WHO recommends that baby feed from mother immediately after birth. The first milk that is produced is called colostrum and it helps prevent jaundice in babies.


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