Everything About Nutrition & Lactation

Everything About Nutrition & Lactation

I am Dr. Pratibha Gulati. I am a physical therapist, lactation counselor and postpartum counselor.  I have 10 years of experience. I'm a CAPA certified childbirth educator since more than 6 years. I hold regular group, individual and even online sessions to help in the journey of pregnancy. I advise on exercises, breathing and relaxation, posture care, postnatal care,lactation and diet.


My baby is 4.5 months old. When to start top feed and what should be included in it?

At 4.5 months you must still continue breastfeeding. You can start with semi-solid soft food like porridge, khichdi, etc. Ensure that the food has no spice and very little salt.


My baby is 15 months old. What should I feed to increase weight?

By this time breastfeed has reduced. You can give porridge, khichdi, mashed potatoes with butter and readymade baby food.


Baby is 3 months old. Breast milk is very less. I bottle feed 40ml every 2 hours. What can I do to increase breast milk?

As a mother you must take nutritious food. Iron rich food like spinach helps. Also increase jeera intake.


Till how long should I breastfeed?

Till baby is 2 years old. But gradually decrease the feed frequency. Practice feeding in the daytime along with tip feed. Before bed you can feed the baby bottle milk. This will ensure that baby has a full stomach and will sleep peacefully. It is important to exclusively breastfeed till 6 months. If you feed regularly then sufficient milk will be automatically produced. Take care of your food and health too.


I delivered via c-section and have very less milk.

New mothers often face this. But it's quite natural and not a problem. Body takes 2-3 days to increase milk. Keep feeding your baby. Eat nutritious diet and drink lots of water. You can also drink jeera water throughout the day. Feed every 45 minutes. Also maintain correct position during feeding.


What foods are good for lactation?

Moringa leaves are the best. You should also drink warm jeera water. Drumsticks are good sources of vitamins A and B, magnesium and potassium. Veg or chicken soups are also a good choice. Eat iron rich vegetables, fruits and dry fruits. Also hydrate yourself.


What foods to avoid during lactation?

Spicy and chilly food are an absolute no. Also avoid foods like black dal rajma, white chana or anything which an cause gas.


Can I pump my breast milk and store it?

Yes it sometimes is necessary for working women.  But you must educate yourself on storage methods, the temperature to be stored at and how long Ivan store it for.


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