How To Increase Breast Milk

How To Increase Breast Milk

How long after birth should baby be fed?

Immediately Colostrum must be fed, then every 2-3 hours baby must be given breastfeed.


My milk production has reduced. What to do?

Keep baby with you, feed frequently. This will stimulate milk production. If due to illness or sleepiness baby is not taking, then too try to feed. Take care of your food and try not to be stressed. Ayurvedic preparations with shatavari help in increasing breast milk.


My baby's tummy is not getting full.

If baby is passing urine 4-5 times then tummy is certainly getting full.


Does wearing tight bra during pregnancy affect breast milk?

During pregnancy and post delivery it is necessary to wear a comfortable bra. Breast remains shapely and hygienic. Wearing bra during lactation helps you to understand how full your breast is. There are feeding bras that provide good support to breasts which keep on getting full and empty every two hours.


My baby is 11 months old now. I want to stop breastfeeding. Will it stop automatically or I need to take medication?

Once you start top feed, baby starts  weaning. With less frequent breastfeeding production stops. You need not take any medicine. Milk will gradually stop in 3-4 months.


How many times should I feed my 14 month old baby?

14 month old baby won't get sufficient nutrition from breastfeed. Baby must eat full meal in a baby sized portion by the 1st year. Just for attachment you can feed 1-2 times a day.


My 5 month baby is on complete breastfeed and doesn't like bottle feed. When can I start solid food?

It's absolutely fine to keep on exclusively breastfeed. Baby should not be fed Gripe Water, Janam Ghutti or even plain water. It's good if bottle is not liked. Solid food is to be started only after sixth month.



How to increase breast milk?

Keep baby close to you. Keep feeding every two hours from alternate breasts 20-25 minutes at least. Mother must eat highly nutritious food that is more than 600 kilocalories per day. Diet should include veggies, fruits and sufficient water. If it still not helps in increasing milk then there are supplements available in the market which can be taken by the mother.


There are knots/clots in both my breasts even if I feed my 2 month old regularly.

If milk is more than baby can take then it happens. There are ducts in the nipples that release milk. Due to improper hygiene if those ducts become clogged or blocked then milk doesn't ooze properly. The milk held inside forms clots. If baby fails to suck due to weakness or illness then extract and feed with spoon.


My baby is 20 day old now but still not sucking from breast. So, I have to pump and feed. Will it affect my milk production?

No, pumping won't reduce milk quantity. Working mothers do it. But why your baby is not sucking needs to be found out. Some women have flat or inverted nipples which causes difficulty for the baby to latch on. In that case you can use nipple shield.


My left nipple is divided into two. Will I face problems feeding my baby after my delivery?

It is good to observe and note such things. There are some procedures to elevate such inverted or flat nipples. You gynaecologist will start it from 9th month. The shape of a nipple doesn't affect milk quantity. It causes difficulty for baby to latch on. You can wear nipple shield for that.


My 4 month old baby who is on complete breastfeed has gas problem.

Mother should not eat spicy food or lots of chillies. After each feeding, baby baby needs to be put on the shoulder to burp. Neither keep long gap between feeds nor feed very frequently.


Can rheumatoid arthritis pass on to baby through breast milk?

Absolutely no. You can feed baby if you have milk. It does not contaminate by body fluid.


I'm in the 34th week of pregnancy. I want to know when does breast start producing milk?

Milk in breast starts getting formed usually in the 9th month. In some cases it can be 7th month. If it starts before baby's birth then clean breasts and keep putting on bra to stop milk oozing out.


How to maintain breast hygiene?

While taking bath, clean breasts, nipples and the black area around nipples called areola. Use bra regularly. If there's excess milk which it secrets and wets your clothes then wear pads inside your bra.


I have 4 month old twins. My breast milk falls short for them. What to do?

Mother's breast produces sufficient milk even for twins. The most important thing is that you must take care of your food. Single baby takes feed every two hours. You must keep track that both are fed. Your frequency of feeding will be more ( every one hour to each alternate). This could be the reason why milk is less. Eat dink ladoos, jeera, methi, fennel seeds, garlic, papaya and dry fruit powders to increase breast milk. Your diet should be highly nutritious along with plenty of water. There are medicines to increase breast milk. At 4 months the babies weight needs to increase. You can consult with doctor and start formula milk.


My 5 month old baby is on exclusively breastfeed but passes stool only once a day and that is very little quantity. Is my milk insufficient?

Once a day is absolutely fine. Urine should be 5-6 times. Some babies who are only on breastfeed, may not pass stool everyday. It can be every 3 to 4 days. Check baby weight. If it is standard then nothing to worry.


I had less milk when my first baby was born. Will it be so this time too?

No, it won't be so. Keep your thoughts positive and take care of everything that helps in producing good quantity of milk.


My 3 month old baby is on formula milk. No remedy like shatavari powder etc has helped to increase breast milk. What can be the reason? What can be done to increase milk?
If all remedy including medicines has not helped you then age could be the reason. In elderly mothers ( 37-38 above) milk production is less. Your doc can suggest something. Still do not stop feeding. Keep baby to breast at least for 5 minutes.


Is there any medicine compulsorily to be given to a 6 month old baby?

No. Rather mother should take iron and calcium. That passes on to baby through breast milk.


My baby falls asleep while sucking.

In that case baby's tummy may not become full. Try to touch and caress on baby's head and check to awake and feed.


My 4 month old baby is passing stool 4-5 times. It is yellow in colour.

There's no need to worry about it. Some babies pass 4-5 times a day and some pass once in in 4-5 days. If stool is green then you need to worry.


My 3 month old baby, fully on breastfeed, is in very good health. But for no reason coughing happens.

If you do not burp baby after feeding, the milk can sometimes collect near the throat and  cause coughing and sneezing.


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