Best Way To Make Weaning Easy

Best Way To Make Weaning Easy

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Weaning is one of the most important milestones for babies. It’s after six months that the baby starts having something other than breast milk or formula in some cases. A mother always wants that baby is fed with food that is healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Few pointers that you must take care of while starting solids journey are:


  • You can start with Traditional weaning method (spoon led weaning) or Baby-led weaning (finger foods). Or the best of both.
  • You can start off with puree, and when you feel the baby is ready for soft solids, place some finger foods in front of your baby for him/her to explore the texture and eventually taste.
  • Mix and match different flavors.
  • Experiment with temperature. Some babies like the food at room  temperature while some like warm.
  • Go for fresh and organic food.
  • Use clean and colorful cutlery.
  • Try different textures.

One of the most important points to consider is to avoid salt and sugar  until the baby is one year of age.

Reason: If the baby does not eat food, people think its because it is bland. But it is not the reason. The transition from breast milk to different texture requires time. Sugar must be avoided because it has many chemicals in it, causes oral problems, causes sweet tooth in a baby which adds to obesity or diabetes. It has no nutritional value. While sodium content in salt causes brittle bones, may cause dehydration and an infant’s kidneys don’t have the capability to process it. So these flavor enhancers must be avoided.

Salt & sugar must be avoided until the baby turns one.

Nowadays there are companies that make baby goods for parents’ ease, especially while traveling. They have some tasty interesting ingredients combination, natural, no preservatives, sugar or salt added (less sugar and salt for kids above one year). Kids love them and once in a while, these simple finger foods can be given to weaning babies as they don’t have any bad effect. Choose the product carefully, look for labels and check ingredient list properly before giving them to babies. One such brand that meets most of the standards is Timios. It has a wide range of biscuits, which are called Zookers and their Purees are going to hit the market soon.

It’s important that packet food has a good nutritional value and should be made age appropriate as babies require different nutritional value and texture with growing age. It must have natural ingredients that have not been treated chemically while growing them. The food must not contain artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners, and processing kept to a minimum.

Timios has a wide range of age-appropriate products (0-2, 2-5, and 5+ years). They are available on all major online sites and supermarkets.

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