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Why It’s Okay To Have An Only Child?

Why It’s Okay To Have An Only Child?

22 Sep 2015 | 4 min Read

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If you are a parent to a toddler, chances are – that you have been badgered with the question of when are you getting ready for round two of parenthood. And we wouldn’t blame you for running for cover every time you are in a group of friends, family or relatives, because those uncomfortable and extremely personal questions are lurking just around the corner. God forbid you take a stand and actually say that we will have just the one child. Then the dialogue delivery that is likely to ensue will go something like this “A lonely child will be more badly behaved and wouldn’t ever learn to share” or “You will spoil your child by indulging too much in him/her” or shockingly some will even go as far as to say “But what if your only child dies?” Seriously! Are second children a back-up plan? No they are not? And nor is your first one a doomed child because he has no one to play in the house with.

So, for all the parents who have made the choice to have an one child family, we not only there to support you but also will you help you retort smartly for all the naysayers out there who claim to know what is better for your child or your family.

1. It makes more economic sense:

Having a child in today’s day and age is an expensive affair; there is no denying it. One child means limited expenditure – on education, on giving them a good life and also saving up for your old age.

2. You can still have a life:

Being a parent to an only child means you have enough time to pursue your passion or career without compromising on the time you spend with your child. You can strike a balance earlier in your life without feeling guilty about it.

3. More opportunities for quality time:

Managing the household chores, work and then being a parent can take a toll on even the most energetic soul. If you are parenting more than one child, finding spare time to spend with your child one-on-one may seem like an impossible task. With one, any spare time you have, can be dedicated to your child exclusively without any distractions.

4. More opportunities for your child:

Having more money to spare and more time means that you can help your child explore her passion and enhance her skills more freely than you can with multiple children. So if you are breeding a sports enthusiast or a musician or even a math whiz – you have more time and resources to spare to help your child excel.

5. You can travel more easily:

Holidays are easier to plan when you just have to plan for one child. Think about it, sitting in one row during flights, packing only one stroller instead of two, the list is endless.

6. A happier and rested you equals a happy child too:

With just one child to raise, you are likely to feel more relaxed and can jump back to your old self much faster than you would if you spent twice the number of years raise two or more children. If your older child sees a happier and more relaxed parent, he/she is likely to pick up the cue and be a more relaxed child too.

At the end of the day you need to remember that having a family is a personal choice and how large your family should be is also something that you need to decide based on what makes you the happiest. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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