Ab Daag Ki Hogi Tien Tien Fish....

Ab daag ki hogi tien tien fish....

Just while talking to my other friend when I realised "Kahan Gaye woh din?". When we explored the mud and sand, the colours on the walls, the kitchen to find something yummy to eat. Getting our hands dirty making sand pits and setting up a dummy kitchen. Our generation had the opportunity to explore, to see the world like a crude unfinished work of art. But times have changed and now people have become busy, so busy that neither do they have the time nor the opportunity to explore to get their hands a lil dirty. I remember running around, climbing walls and jumping over, trying hands at painting walls with my dad, to trying my hands in the kitchen with mom and even helped her clean up afterwards. Aur mere kapde he, meri kerchief thi, nothing really bothered. Kids have got so hooked on to screens, that physically exploring and learning has become a vague concept. Ask them a question and you will definitely get an answer, simple they ask Google Maata for a reply. Bache tho khelna door, khud ki paani ka glass tak nahi lete. Home work kar liya bus, bahut ho gaya. Is the kind of attitude today's kids have developed in themselves.

Kahin naa kahin, we too have subtly submitted ourselves to the screen world and don't push our kids to try their hands around. Why?? "No no, if my kid plays in water, she/he will catch cold. If he/she plays in sand, germs honge yaar, chee mitti mein. No no not with colours diwar kharab karega aur kapde bhi gande honge. Not in the kitchen, it's all hot and oily and sweaty." So what else should the kid do, it's ok let him play on the mobile, he's atleast busy, safe, unhurt, clean and doesn't disturb me. So a lot of things are always riding on our minds constantly, but I found a companion that helps me and let's my kid do his part. Let's him get himself into exploring and dirtying his hands, ohh sorry head to toe. Tide Ultra became my household name and helps me give an outstanding clean to my kids clothes. Yes, the squishing and scrubbing was tiring but no more... Because now it's coming up with something new specially designed for washing machines. "Chaunk Gaye?!" Yes yes ..."ab tho machine mein bhi chaunkane waali saafedi Tide Ultra se".

I’m glad, I can let my kid explore unhindered and I have to restrict him no more. The bygone days of playing, exploring and learning are back in his life and I’m a super happy mom to see him learning and growing up without any screen time or let me say lesser screen time. Must mention the film that Tide has come up with, the rap song conversation between the mom and son is simply superb. Aise tho har baccha apni mom se bolega "maa gana hojaye aur daag ki dhulai bhi. The rap between mother and son has caught on so well on social media, that various personalities are taking up the challenge to re-enact this rap in their own ways using #TideUltraRapChallenge! Check them out and send in your own entries!




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Comments (18)

Kuljeet kaur

Totally agree Mahima Atishaya

Mahima Atishaya

Thnq so much Kuljeet kaur 💓

Sapna Senthil Kumar

Absolutely agreed n no doubt all ur articles r so messmarising Mahima Atishaya
We love u , we love u write , we love the way u create ur own words n put in a proper format, we love the way u are.
Love from my mitakshi n her mommy.

Mahima Atishaya

Thnq Sapna Senthil Kumar 💓

Haritha Ravi

Yes dear, we sometimes restrict our kids from going out n playing. Your way of presenting things is really superb, keep going, good luck

Mahima Atishaya

Thnq so much Haritha Ravi 💓

Garima Singla

Ooohhh dear Mahima Atishaya such an eyeopening post . You are absolutely right. I love the post really too related to our lives. Thank you for showing us mirror. 👍

Mahima Atishaya

Aww...thnq so much Garima Singla 💓

Nilofer shaikh@mommyingandmore

Wow. So beautifully written

Mahima Atishaya

Thnq so much nilofer shaikhNilofer Shaikh@mommyingandmore 💓


Really nice n very true

Mahima Atishaya

Thnq so much Babitha 💓

Mahima Atishaya

Thnq @ritu Mukherjee 💓

Shwetha Mihir( chweetbmyworld)

Wow! Beautifully put across!

fancy dorcas

This is really amazing. Simple words explaining a lot. It is good as parents to let our children explore and play without limits. Professional data analysis experts

Mahima Atishaya

Thnq Shwetha Mihir( chweetbmyworld) 💓

Mahima Atishaya

Thnq fancy dorcas 💓

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