#EqualParent Makes Equal Household

BabyChakra’s #EqualParent contest winner Latika Kataria is a doting mom of a 19 month old handsome boy Vardaan.While she gives every bit and inch of herself to motherhood, parenting to this cute little boy is a responsibility that is equally shared by her husband Viren Kataria, an involved parent and a wonderful Dad.


“A woman goes through a lot as a mother, both physically and mentally. All I can do as a supportive partner is share her responsibilities in bringing up our child”-says Viren.



A techie by profession, Viren prefers family over late night socialising since he believes that his wife needs a break from Vardaan by end of the day and he can give her that break.


Latika and Viren met at American Express, where they both worked in common shifts. For Viren, a shy guy and Latika, the more social one, it was a love at first sight for this couple. A proposal that was popped by Latika to Viren on a coffee date was not something Viren had expected. A yes from Viren followed by a wedding in 2015 December started their journey of togetherness. Viren always believed in sharing day to day responsibilities with Latika even before their son Vardaan was born in 2017 after a tough pregnancy.

Somebody who has never believed in gender biased roles, Viren has never shied away from doing chores that are traditionally marked only on woman’s job list.


“Husband and wife are called as better half of each other and my husband is my best half. I cannot imagine my life without him. He is a man who lives in current generation. We both believe in a generation that is free of gender bias.Household chores are not only a woman’s duty but man's responsibility too. Now when woman is earning money and giving a helping hand to her husband why can't husband contribute in household chores to make his wife a bit relaxed” -says Latika.


“We admire BabyChakra for taking initiative for such an amazing campaign. It will definitely create an awareness in our society about how important equal parenting is, especially when we live in nuclear family arrangements.”-Viren


This young and enthusiastic couple strongly believes that equal parenting always has a positive impact on growth and development of a child. They know their son who looks up to his parents as idols, will grow up with great values and will carry forward the tradition of Equal Parenting and Equal Responsibility. Now isn’t that what modern day parenting needs?This is definitely an emerging trend of parenting!!


“Every Father should remember that one day his son will follow his example and not his advise”



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