“Alone We Can Do Little. Together We Can Accomplish So Much”

“Alone we can do little. Together we can accomplish so much”


Meet Soumya and Rajesh, the winners of BabyChakra’s #EqualParent contest. MBA graduates and a perfect team in everything from career to parenting, these college sweethearts got married at a young age and decided to pursue their aspirations of higher studies while maintaining a long distance relationship. After being married for about six years, the couple had their baby boy Reyan in 2015.


While Rajesh might tend to disagree that he is a hands on dad, Soumya acknowledges his contribution in parenting and credits him proudly for all that he does for their son Reyan.


A nuclear family setup brings along additional responsibilities as parents, especially if both the parents are working. Upbringing of both parents has a strong influence on how the couple goes about parenting their child. Same is true with Soumya and Rajesh.


“Rajesh has always been open and thoughtful when it comes to sharing responsibilities. He was initially hesitant to do chores like changing diapers or putting baby to sleep. With time and responsibility he took it up and is now completely hands on” - Soumya


When Mother and Father strike the right balance in parenting, there is always a positive influence on the child. When the child observes both the parents working equally towards household, he/she grows up with values that respect both genders equally.

Rajesh has always maintained ignorance towards society that keeps reminding him of gender biased tradition of parenting. He very promptly fills in all those areas of parenting where Soumya needs help. The couple maintains a great equation when it comes to balancing career, household and parenting.



Parenting comes naturally to Rajesh.No better proof than the fact that the couple made their first international vacation trip when their baby was just 4 months old.


“Only a penguin dad can make this happen”-says Soumya.


To an extent that Soumya can go for solo treks just because she has a reliable and involved dad as a partner who can take care of their son in her absence without any concerns.


When equal or shared parenting is prevalent in a household, children grow up to be more independent, confident, respectful and ethical. Involvement of both parents is definitely a need of the hour in nuclear families as well as joint families. It is more about taking responsibility than sharing responsibility.

Soumya always admired her husband as a parent but never expressed. This Father’s Day she took to BabyChakra platform and decided to participate in #EqualParent contest and pen down her thoughts. Expressions like these are definitely inspiring and motivating for all the modern day parents who work hard to bring up children in a humble and respectful environment while earning for a stable future.



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