Care Through Pregnancy

Care Through Pregnancy

I'm Dr Namrata Mehta Rajput and I'm an Obstetrician and Gynecologist.


I'm 1 month pregnant and I'm experiencing weakness and dizziness.

It is very common and occurs because of hormonal changes eta meals on time and eat the food you enjoy.


What can I do for relief from acidity? Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Also, is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

Acidity is very common upto 3rd month. Sexual intercourse is not advised in the first trimester. Post that precautions must be taken during sex to prevent infection. As for traveling, any mode of travelling is OK as long as your doctor gives you the go ahead. In spite of general advice it is important to keep past history in mind.


I'm 3 months pregnant and experiencing pain in stomach.

If it's your first pregnancy then pain will be experienced as uterus is adjusting to foreign body. Pain in right side is normal. If it is persistent then consult doctor for medication.


I'm 9 months pregnant and experience burning sensation in my throat.

Uterus cramps the stomach and puts  pressure on the abdomen. This cause acid reflux which feels like burning sensation. Take small meals frequently. Post meals take short walks or sit upright for a while. It's safe to take antacid.


What exercises should be practiced in 9th month for early delivery?

Yoga and breathing exercises allow body to become tolerant. Remain active.


Can I work during pregnancy?

Yes, it is a part and parcel of normal life. If you are not comfortable then quit or discuss alternate options with your employer like reduced work hours or ‘work from home’ flexibility.


Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Not in the first trimester as there is a huge risk of miscarriage. During the second and third trimester try easy postures with protection. Consider non-penetrative sex.


What can I do to normalise low blood pressure?

Blood pressure is a common problem during pregnancy. Drink cool water, hot chocolate and lemonade. The main objective is to have high fluid intake and keep your body hydrated.


Post delivery via c-section, what should I eat?

Every food that new mothers need to eat. Also include calcium and iron in your diet for at least three months.


What can I do to prevent threatened abortion?

50%-60% do not end up in miscarriages. Whatever restrictions or suggestions have been provided by your doctor, follow them for a safe pregnancy.


When should I take tetanus injection?

During pregnancy tetanus should be taken twice. First injection in first month and the second in eighth month.


I'm 6 weeks pregnant and feeling weakness. When should I start visiting doctor?

As soon as you learn that you're pregnant you should consult your doctor for supplements and guidance.



I'm 11 weeks pregnant and experiencing vomiting. What should I do?

It's quite common during pregnancy. Ensure that you are adequately hydrated.


I'm experiencing itching in my ears. Can I use ear drops?

Self medication isn't advisable. Always consult your doctor.


I'm experiencing shortness in breathing. It's my 9th month of pregnancy.

It's a common experience during the 9th month. It occurs because uterus puts pressure on lungs. Try sleeping while reclined at 45°. Breathing shortness could also be because of less haemoglobin or underlying heart or kidney conditions. Get checked by a doctor if the problem persists.


I'm 22 weeks pregnant. The foetus weighs 600gm. What should I do to increase the weight?

It's growing at a normal rate so don't worry about increasing the weight.


LMP was 27th December. According to this pregnancy should be 9 weeks but sonography shows 6 weeks.

Those who have irregular periods can have late development of egg. The sonography shows the development of the baby at 6 weeks. Wait for a week before checking for heartbeat. It could be a case of early missed abortion. If it is so then don't worry there's only a 15% chance of repetition. You can conceive again and have a healthy pregnancy. Visit your doctor and undertake sonography scans. Take medicines for regular periods.


I'm 26 weeks pregnant. Baby's weight is very less and it is not growing.

At this stage the baby's weight should be between 800g to1kg. If your doctor has told you that the baby is underweight then do further checkups and a thorough investigation.


I'm 7 months pregnant. What household chores can I do?

Work to your body's capacity. Don't overexert yourself. Eat calcium rich food.


My baby is 5 months old and I haven't got my periods yet. We had difficulty in conceiving and only managed to do so after I underwent treatment for PCOD. Is this the reason for delay in periods?

There may not be periods during lactation phase, i.e., during the time the baby feeds exclusively from mother. This could be for 6 months. Another reason could be escaped ovulation which means conception while not having period. PCOD is not a disease. It is there in the body and under stress the OD swells and hampers period. It is not curable but controllable by medicine. Sometimes it naturally subsides with age.


I'm 38 weeks pregnant. If I stimulate nipples during inrercourse can I have normal delivery?

You can try as it releases oxytocin hormone but its not guaranteed.


I'm 9 months pregnant and amniotic fluid has been decreasing.

It is very common during last stage. If you have high blood pressure then take a Doppler test. Observation of baby is must.


What medicines should I take during first trimester?

Even before pregnancy it is important to take iron, calcium and other nutrition supplements that the body needs.


What to eat during pregnancy?

To gain target and healthy weight, eat according to BMI. More weight can lead to difficulty in coming back to normal weight afterwards.


I'm 6 months pregnant but there's been no change in my tummy size.

In first pregnancy it is common if your abdominal muscles are naturally toned.


What test should I do in 12-13 weeks?

Ultrasound and NT scan to measure the circumference of neck. NT scan is an effective way to detect brain anomalies. Apart from these undertake regular thyroid, sugar, haemoglobin and urine tests.


What to do in case of breech baby?

C-section delivery will have to be done to avoid risk. If the baby's head gets engaged in pelvis path then there's chances of delivering normally. If the head is too large for path then c-section will have to be done.


I'm experiencing back pain and I'm even unable to stand up. What's the best food to eat in such case?

This indicates a severe issue. Get it checked by doctor immediately. Eat jowar, bajra, ragi, bananas, green leafy vegetables and milk.


I'm 38 weeks pregnant. Will eating papaya help in normal delivery?

I'm not aware of any such thing but follow your doctor's advice.


I'm 18 weeks pregnant and baby's weight is 215g. Is it normal?

Baby's weight considerations are started from 30 weeks.


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