Pregnancy Care Tips

Pregnancy Care Tips


I missed periods last month, however sonography doesn't show pregnancy.

If urine test for pregnancy was positive then go for blood test (beta HCG). It's nothing to worry about. Sometimes sonography can't detect an early pregnancy. But blood test can give confirmation.


I'm 29 weeks pregnant and anemic. My weight is 72 kg and my baby's weight is very less.

Anemia can be treated by eating iron supplements and iron rich foods. If needed, injections should be taken. If mother's gets treated then baby's weight automatically becomes normal.


I'm 15 weeks pregnant. Scans show that baby's bone growth is very less especially in backbone. Are there any treatments available?

It can be a congenital disease. Go for anomaly scan and consult doctor to rule out serious problems.


I'm 37 weeks pregnant and the cord  is wrapped around the baby's neck. When I stretch a sound comes from stomach. Is it worrisome?

If heartbeat is regular and there are no other complications then you can have normal delivery.


What should be diet during pregnancy?

From the beginning till the end of term you should have healthy food. You may experience loss of appetite in the first trimester. During that time eat whatever you feel like but ensure that it is healthy, home-cooked food like dal, sabji, etc.


If I haven't had labour pains even after due date, should I go for c-section?

Doctor will decide after a thorough checkup and sonography. If pain can be induced with injection and medicine then you can have normal delivery.


Is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

If you are working then you can continue commuting as usual. But avoid long distance travel during first and third trimester. During the second trimester, if you must travel then trains are the best option. Avoid two wheelers at all costs.


Haemoglobin level is 9. Is it normal?

Standard level is between 11-13. Consult your doctor for medicines and eat iron rich foods like dates, jaggery, etc.


HCG is 2436 and TSH is 4.15. It's been 6 weeks since LMP and baby has no heartbeat.

By 48 hours of conception beta HCG becomes double. If it is delayed pregnancy then heartbeat won't be found so soon. You can check again after a week.


I'm 12 weeks pregnant, can I cook?

If you have been cooking and you still want to then you can continue. However if the smell of some foods triggers nausea then avoid.


Which position is best to sleep in?

Preferably sleep on left side or right side. Avoid sleeping belly upright for long.


What should be weight of mother in 7th month?

It should increase by 10-11kg. 1kg in first 3 month and 5 kg each in 2nd and 3rd trimester.


I'm experiencing severe pain around navel. Is it gas?

Yes. After each meal walk for a whe. Don't keep long gaps between meals.


I'm experiencing hand and leg ache since two days.

Take rest, increase water intake. If it doesn't subside in two days then visit doctor.


I'm 15 weeks pregnant and observed some spotting. Is it normal?

If sonography shows no problem then don't worry. It can be due to low lying placenta which is just forming. With advance in growth of uterus, placenta will move upwards. Now you should rest for sometime. Do not take stress.


I'm 7 months pregnant and have swollen feet.

It could be due to less blood, high blood pressure or standing for long hours. Keep feet raised with support. Go for haemoglobin test and blood pressure checkups.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have heavy contractions in uterus. Could it be preterm delivery? I'm also feeling nauseous.

If your doctor has checked you then you must have been prescribed medicines to stop uterine contractions. Take rest. Take antacid for nausea. Acidity also causes pains. Avoid outside food.


I tested positive for pregnancy but experiencing bleeding from third day. I have done scans and taken medicines and rest. Will the pregnancy sustain. Is the baby OK? I'm also feeling tired and nauseous.

If you follow doctor's guidance then pregnancy will continue. Do sonography according to your doctor's suggestion. Don't worry about the bleeding, it indicates implantation.


I'm 33 weeks pregnant. When will I deliver?

Delivery is usually due around 40+ weeks. You can wait.


I'm experiencing leg ache. I'm 9 months pregnant.

Check iron, calcium and vitamin D levels.


I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I earlier had a miscarriage in the 9th month. Doctor has prescribed Dubagest and Duphaston medicine. Is it safe for baby?

Keep your history in mind, you have been prescribed these medicines. It won't harm the baby.


Haemoglobin is low even after treatment. What should I do?

Go for HP Electrophoresis. Test to check if you suffer from thalassemia.


I'm 6 months pregnant and have low blood pressure.

I'm pregnancy blood pressure remains low. If feeling giddy or lethargic then consult doctor. Increase liquid intake. Drink coconut water.


What precautions should I take in hepatitis B?

If mother is hepatitis B positive then there are chances of baby getting infected. There are vaccines that can be given to baby immediately after delivery. Universal precautions will be followed by doctor and staff.


I have swollen feet since two or three days.

Check blood pressure. High BP hampers baby growth. Reduce salt intake and increase fluid intake.


My weight was 60kg before conceiving. I'm 7 months pregnant now and weight is 70kg. Is it more?

It's normal but don't put on more than ½ or 1kg now.


I'm experiencing pain in lower abdomen.

It can be due to urine infection. Test for UTI. Increase water intake.


I'm 5 months pregnant and I don't have any change in tummy size.

Each one's development varies. If you had a toned stomach then it will take time for the bump to be visible. Don't worry as long as scams show baby's health to be normal.


On colour doppler, baby's weight was 3 kg. Mother's weight has reduced by 1kg. Will it affect baby's weight?

Mother's weight loss isn't very significant. It won't affect the baby. At 3kg, baby is very healthy.


I'm 28 weeks pregnant and have a small cyst on right side ovary(5mm). Will it cause problems in delivery?

It is too small to cause any trouble.


What can I do for relief from backache and tiredness?

Check calcium, and vitamin D intake. You should also start taking B-complex supplements.


I'm 37 weeks pregnant and experiencing pain in upper abdomen (below chest) and am unable to sleep at night. I'm taking medicine but have no relief.

You can wait three more weeks. Baby has grown big due to which stomach is pressed. Improper digestion leads to acidity due to which you're experiencing pain under chest. Eat small amounts at frequent intervals. Take walks after meals to help digestion. Take antacids after consulting your doctor.


I'm 9 weeks pregnant and TSH is 9.12. What should I do? I'm also experiencing bleeding in between.

Go for sonography to check if pregnancy is stable or not. Go for complete blood test. If thyroid is high you need to start medicine. Consult your doctor.


From which month does baby movement start?

Baby movement starts around 4th month. Usually you can feel it from 24th week onwards. First time mothers usually detect movements a little later.


I'm 31 weeks pregnant and AFI is 22 cm and cervix is 1.7 cm up. Totally on bedrest with urine catheter.

Based on your report, it is preterm labour. Bedrest is must. It is good to have urine catheter as you can be on complete bed rest. This may go on for another 15-20 days.


I'm 5 months pregnant and saw blood in my vomit.

Due to stress and pressure while vomiting sometimes you can observe blood. Take medicines from your doctor.


I'm 33 weeks pregnant and have asymmetrical IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) and low lying placenta.

It means baby's growth is not proper. Go for Doppler test to check growth retardation. It can't be a normal delivery. There's chances of early delivery too.


I'm 32 weeks pregnant and haemoglobin level is 10.8 since 27 weeks. Doctor has recommended high protein diet. What should I do?

Continue high protein diet and eat sprouts, peanuts, eggs, etc. You can also add protein powder to milk and drink it.


I'm a first time mother and in my 31st week of pregnancy. I have only gained 5 kgs till now. What should I do?

Eat a high protein diet. Increase portion size.


I'm 7 months pregnant and have low platelet count since 4th month. It comes up and goes down again and again.

Consult a hematologist.


I'm 10 weeks pregnant but copper T is still inside.

With the help of sonography, copper T can be removed and you can continue pregnancy.


I'm 8.5 months pregnant and suffer from chronic urticaria from last year.

Treatment is necessary to deal with severe itching. Consult a dermatologist.


I'm 31 weeks pregnant and baby's weight is 1.532 kg. Baby moves a lot.

Weight is standard and there's no cause to worry about movements.


Will fibroids affect my pregnancy?

As pregnancy progresses, fibroids may increase in size but won't affect your pregnancy.


I'm observing blackening around nipples. Is it normal?

I'm pregnancy breasts frow to prepare for lactation. Pigmentation is normal during pregnancy. Keep your skin clean.


I'm 8 months pregnant. What should I do for normal delivery?

Routine work, walks and exercises are important in building fitness.


I'm in my 3rd week of pregnancy. My mother-in-law insists I eat jaggery and sweets made from jaggery? Is it good for health?

Yes it is a good choice. Jaggery boosts haemoglobin and also keeps nausea under control.


I'm 31 weeks pregnant and experiencing shortness of breath and tiredness.

Increase water intake. Take rest and also check haemoglobin and blood pressure.


When is the right time to do an anomaly scan?

Between 18-20 weeks.


I'm 22 weeks pregnant and experiencing severe itching on stoma and breasts.

It occurs because of enlargement of the part and stretching of skin. This leads to dryness and cracks. Apply moisturizer for relief.


I'm 6 months pregnant and sonography reports that placenta is in posterior position. What does that mean?

Posterior means it is on the back wall of uterus. It's normal.


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