All About Pregnancy Aches And Pains

All About Pregnancy Aches And Pains

I'm Dr. Unnati Shah and I'm an MD, Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Today I'm here to share tips on dealing with aches and pains during pregnancy.


I have mild tummy pain with white discharge.

It can be normal leukorrhea or vaginal infection discharge. It continues throughout pregnancy normally. But if discharge is foul smelling and itchy then get it checked by doctor. Local antifungal ointment can be applied or tablet can be inserted.


Can I take Duphaston?

Duphaston is a natural progesterone to avoid  miscarriage. It helps maintain the pregnancy. Ask your doctor and only take it if he prescribes.


I'm 9 months pregnant and have back pain and lower tummy ache.

9 month is near term. In near term there are chances it can be contractions and labour setting in. When it happens there is also backache. Visit gynecologist to rule out that it is not labour. In normal pain you can apply local ointment.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have swollen feet.

It is edema. Edema in pregnancy happens due to high BP, prolonged standing and high stress. Check with your doctor.


I'm unable to sleep at night.

It is common due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Avoid stress. Take warm milk. Read something relaxing and listen to calming music.


How to differentiate between normal pain and labour pain?

Normal contraction and tightness of stomach is not very painful. It's bearable. Labour pain is unbearable and severe to the extremeness of perception. It comes with lower backache too.


I'm 34 weeks pregnant and have had no contraction or pain yet.

Duration of pregnancy is 37 weeks+. If before that then it is premature labour. It needs to be stopped with medicine to avoid premature baby birth. You still have a few weeks before delivery.


I'm 18 weeks pregnant and fetal movement is less.

Movement is maximum after 20 weeks.


I'm 9 months pregnant and have leg aches and cramps.

It could be due to calcium, vitamin B and vitamin D deficiency. Another reason could be pressure on nerves. If cramps are muscular then take rest otherwise consult doctor.


I haven't felt any baby movement since a day.

You should not wait that long. If no movement for more than 4-5 hours then you must immediately visit gynecologist who will check heartbeat of baby.


I'm 30 weeks pregnant. It is my first time. How to know when labour starts?

Labour starts with pain in lower abdomen and back starting in half an hour intervals and increasing upto once every 5 minutes. The pain is persistent and will feel like contraction and relaxation.


I'm 7 months pregnant and don't have a significant belly bump yet.

Intrauterine growth retardation can be the cause. There can be reasons like less blood supply or lack of nutrition. Doctor will suggest you take colour doppler to check blood flow to the baby and also find true size of the baby. Sometimes less amniotic fluid can be the reason for smaller growing tummy. It is important to find the reason why fluid is less. Take sufficient protein.


I'm experiencing pain in anus and pelvis while sitting for motions. I'm afraid of having piles. What should I do?

Piles is accompanied by bleeding. This should not happen during pregnancy. Change your eating habits to get relief from recurrent constipation. Local gels or ointments can be applied. You can take 15-20ml dufalex to soften stool.


I'm experiencing internal bleeding. Doctor has asked complete bed rest. When can it be normal again and what should I do?

Bleeding in pregnancy is good. Follow what doctor has asked you to do. Urgently undertake a sonography to check if folionic membrane has separated. Natural progesterone tablets can be taken to maintain pregnancy. After 6-7 weeks another sonography can be taken.


I'm 25 weeks pregnant and unable to find fetal movement.

Immediately visit gynecologist to get sonography to check baby's heartbeat. It is important to keep count of fetal movement and frequency so that when your doctor asks for records you can tell.


I'm in my 18th week of pregnancy and experiencing nausea.

Vomiting in pregnancy is common in first 3 months. In some it can last throughout pregnancy. Small frequent meals and walking after meals will help in digestion. Avoid spicy food. Take antacids prescribed by your doctor.


I'm 6 months pregnant and have swelling in legs.

Check blood pressure. Keep pillow under feet while sleeping. Sleep on your sides.


I'm 31 weeks pregnant and pain above vagina.

Early labour can be ruled out if you get a checkup done by your doctor. Enlarged uterus presses stomach causing indigestion which leads to acid reflux and gas that causes tummy ache.


What scans should be done during pregnancy and when?

First one should be done in 6-7 weeks to check gestation and heartbeat. Second anomaly scan is done in 18th week. It is very important as it gives idea about any congenital abnormalities. In the second scan heart Chambers will be visible too. If any harmful anomalies are there then pregnancy can be terminated by 20th week. The third scan is done in 7th month. It checks for growth and it is a routine scan. Last scan is a colour doppler to check umbilical arteries, uterine arteries and blood flow to baby's brain. All these are the minimum scans required. More may be prescribed in case of complications.


I'm 6 months pregnant and amniotic fluid level is only 10. How to increase the fluid?

Polyhydramnios or decrease in amniotic fluid occurs towards 9th month. But at this stage it is not safe. In your case 10-11 level is normal. If it falls further then it's not good. Doctors recommend high protein diet and amino acid capsules. Go for regular checkups and consult your gynaecologist.


I'm 8 months pregnant. What are the best positions to sleep?

Try to sleep on your sides, preferably the left side. Left is recommended as it gives good blood circulation to foetus.


I'm experiencing discharge from breast.

I'm the later phase of pregnancy it is quite common to observe such discharge. Do not press or squeeze otherwise the stimulation will increase discharge. It is an indication that body is preparing for lactation phase. It's nothing to worry about.


I'm 8 months pregnant and have low lying placenta. I'm also experiencing pain in lower abdomen.

There is still time for the placenta to shift. The last sonography before due week will show final position of placenta.


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