Do's And Don'ts Of Pregnancy Care

Do's And Don'ts Of Pregnancy Care

I'm Dr Kiran Laxman Shinde and today I'll be giving tips on pregnancy care.


How do I deal with severe headache?

There can be several reasons. Most of them are incomplete sleep, stress, acidity and high blood pressure. Try to find the cause and treat it accordingly.


How to sit during pregnancy?

If you are used to sitting on the floor then  continue. Else do not sit on the floor especially towards later stages. Sukhasan and ardha sukhasan are good postures. Learn the correct posture from a certified yoga instructor.


What process should I follow for a glucose test?

Before going for the test fast for 8 hours and get tested in the morning.
For the post glucose test, take 75g glucose in water in one time. If there's a family history of diabetes or you yourself are diabetic then take the DTT test (total of 5 tests). Diabetes in pregnancy must be under control.


I'm 3 months pregnant and have severe nausea.

Keep yourself hydrated. Take medicine to stop vomiting. In some cases even after medicine the nausea doesn't subside. In that case check with doctor for any other underlying issues. Vomiting is a sign that pregnancy is in good condition. But excessive vomiting is also not good.


I'm 9 months pregnant and have swollen feet.

Use a pillow for support while sleeping. Check blood pressure.


I'm 6 months pregnant and have severe body pain.

It indicates lack of vitamin and lack of fitness. Take vitamin E for stomach ache. Painkillers are not advised.


I'm 20 weeks pregnant with twins. I experienced severe bleeding because of low lying placenta. I'm on full time bedrest since one month. Placenta moved up after last sonography.

At this stage, placenta position is alright. But with twins and bleeding you come under high risk pregnancy. Restrict activities. Continue bedrest and medication. Regular follow up with doctor is important. At 20 weeks you are halfway through. If you follow precautions you can safely deliver your babies.


I'm 8 months pregnant and I'm not able to get comfortable while walking or sitting.

It seems your weight has become more and baby has grown well. It is a misconception that in pregnancy you should walk more to stay fit. Just brisk walk at a comfortable pace for short time. Cut down on walking time if you are getting tired. Walk for joy and to refresh yourself. Don't push yourself. Post pregnancy walk regularly for fitness.


I'm 39 weeks pregnant. I conceived through IVF. Can I have normal delivery?

IVF is a special case. By this time normal delivery should have happened but it has not. It is not advised to delay by waiting for labour. Consult your doctor.


I'm 7 months pregnant and haven't felt any movement from baby in 2 days.

Heartbeat is checked by doctor manually using stethoscope or by machine. But these can be 10% surety. Baby movement felt by mother is 90% assurance of baby's health. It takes a lot of effort for the baby to move inside the water. It is a sign of fetal compromise if movement is less. Visit your doctor immediately. If baby is sleeping then also it should not be so long in between movements. Baby usually moves after every meal for an hour. Keep watch after taking meals. Also get checked by doctor.


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