Stretch Marks! - The Tiger Prints I Am Proud And Yet Want To Get Rid Of!

Stretch Marks! - The Tiger Prints I Am Proud And Yet Want To Get Rid Of!

I was just sitting and reminiscing my very fond and not-so-fond memories of pregnancy and life post-pregnancy. And while I cherish each and every moment whether bitter or sweet I could not come-over the fact on how nature makes it possible for each living-being to reproduce and how such a little tummy could hold such a big baby and pass it into the world so beautifully and as I still am in awe of that, I also ponder about how each body part reacts to pregnancy and birthing so differently. One such part that holds much of my mind is the stretch marks!. Yes! The stretch marks.


While each one of us is aware that this tiger print that makes us so proud of our birthing experience, it also makes a part of us want to get rid of it as soon as possible post pregnancy.


Many research and studies claim that stretch marks cannot be done  away with completely, except for surgical procedures. However, lightening or visible fading away of stretch mark has been noticed on use of various products made available in the market today.


Stretch marks as the name suggests appears because of the excessive stretching of the skin mainly in the areas such as hips, breasts, thighs and abdomen and while the causes remain many, pregnancy is the most common of all. And the stretch marks that appear during or post-pregnancy is medically known as striae gravid arum.


While the rapid increase of weight during pregnancy affects the skin's elasticity and the excessive and rapid weight gain makes it more evitable for the skin to get stretch marks. It is inevitable to prevent stretch marks during or post-pregnancy. However there are certain suggested ways to help prevent them to some extent.


The 2 most effective ways being:

Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping the weight in check in consultation with the doctors. While one has limited control over weight gain during pregnancy however gaining the weight slowly and steadily will help refrain the skin from getting stretched excessively due to sudden increase.
Moisturize and hydrate your skin well with a lotion/ body-butter/oil or hydrating gel.


During my pregnancy i was very careless about following any skin care regime. And while I did read articles about stretch marks, I did not pay much heed to any, because apparently I didn't have any stretch marks and so i felt its ok if i don't use any product as I was genetically blessed (a presumption I now regret) because the moment I delivered and returned back home in the postpartum blues the last thing i wanted to check on was my skin and alas! I had stretch marks all over my abdomen, thighs, and hips and I so wanted it to just be a nightmare. But my tiger prints had enforced itself on my skin and it was no less in adding to my blues than it appears. While one may take pride in the tiger prints, there is no denial of it adding to one of our concerns along the parenting struggle.


So all heard and read, here's what's helping me battle my marks now.


After using several home-remedies and products that promised to prevent or magically make my marks disappear I came across a mother commenting on a social media group about The Moms Co. Stretch-marks Bundle containing Natural Stretch oil and Natural Body Butter. While the Stretch Oil is a combination of 7 oils & Natural Vitamin E that helps in keeping the skin hydrated and supple, their Natural Body Butter is a rich combination of Cocoa & Shea Butters and oils that help soothe itching and keeping dry skin moisturised. Both the Stretch Oil & Body Butter are also enriched with Sea buckthorn and Rosehip Oils that help with collagen synthesis and providing elasticity to stretching bodies.


What I also liked about it was the fact that its all Natural, Clinically Tested and Australia Certified Toxin Free so no need to worry about the harmful toxins and chemicals.
Following a proper routine with this package will help in visible lightening & reduction of the marks:


1. Use the oil twice a day preferably morning and afternoon

2. Use the body-butter before sleeping.


I have been using it for quite a while now and can definitely feel the difference.Go give it a try and you can thank me later.


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