A Much Awaited Amendment In Bill For POSCO Act Is Finally Here

A Much Awaited Amendment In Bill For POSCO Act Is Finally Here

Fear - Should be a perpetrator’s mindset and not a child’s psychology


“..there is a strong need to take stringent measures to deter the rising trend of child sex abuse in the country, the proposed amendments make provisions for enhancement of punishments for various offences so as to deter the perpetrators and ensure safety, security and dignified childhood for a child,' these are the lines from the latest amendment bill re-introduced by Women and Child Development minister Smriti Irani. These are the lines which every parent in India has been waiting to hear every time a child abuse report or news flares up in media. Death is what should run in the mind of every perpetrator who thinks of daring to steal the innocence from a child. A sense of fear should become a perpetrator’s psychology and not that of an innocent child.


This bill was earlier introduced in January 2019 by Virendera Kumar but was no longer valid. As part of the POCSO Act, the initial bill had announced a rigorous jail term of 20 years with possible extension of life imprisonment for those who committed aggravated sexual assault.The recent bill re-introduced by Smriti Irani for enhancing the punishment including the provision of death penalty and seven years of imprisonment for child pornography also epowers the center to make rules 'for the manner of deleting or destroying or reporting about pornographic material in any form involving a child to the designated authority'.


The amendment also reads “Whoever persuaded, induced enticed or coerced administers, or directs/helps in getting administered in any drug or hormone or any chemical substance to a child with the intent that the child attains early sexual maturity”.


Children have become the most vulnerable victims for sexual assaults and abuse in last decade. When culprits and perverts get away with heinous crimes without getting punished, the common citizen is bound to loose hope in our justice system. It is high time the victims of these cruel crimes get justice. Only a law with death penalty for such crimes will do the right justice.


Banner Image: indiatoday

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