Why Must You ‘Sleep Talk’ To Your Child?

Sleep talk is basically an aid you have, to help address any issue that is rooted in his mind. Reinforcing sleep talk boosts your child's confidence and positive attributes. This can work magic, if done regularly by just sparing a few minutes during bedtime. Sleep talk is a process which nurtures the child's emotional state and keeps him/her away from negative thoughts. It is absolutely safe and works wonders when you want to change any wrong habit in your child.

How should you be doing it?

1. Write down your vision:

Think and set a goal, make a vision and write it down somewhere where you can read clearly and often, say on your wardrobe. Reading the vision often reminds you of achieving your goal. It should be realistic and achievable. Set a time frame too.

2. Sing your vision in your child's favourite tune:

Once you know your vision, sing it in his favourite tune. For example, if he loves the rhyme old Mc Donalds, then sing your vision to the tune of that rhyme.

3. Changing a habit:

Let's say, your child is very destructive in class, you can reinforce calmness, patience and friendliness by chanting few lines before he falls asleep. You can use words like – "baby you are very calm, baby you are patient, baby you love to share" etc.

4. Chant a Mantra:

When your child is about to sleep, his subconscious mind is still awake. Whatever you say or instruct in that state, it gets stored in his/her subconscious memory. You can recite shlokas, or mantras or any devotional songs and without any extra effort, he will gradually know it as his own.

5. Share general knowledge or say, multiplication tables:

Reading news, encyclopedia, or other relevant books during bedtime may help improve your child's general knowledge. Saying multiplication tables at bedtime makes the memory sharp and stays in mind forever if repeated every night.

A child's mind is like clay, it depends on us how we mould it. As a parent, it is wise to take out those few minutes during bed time, which might go a long way in moulding your child into the person you wanted him/her to be.

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will surely do it

aditi trikha Yes it's a great way to influence kids positively in their alpha state of consciousness. A couple of tips on how to do it - 1. Never use negative words like No, Don't, never, not. 2.Envision your child doing what you want her to do and speak from your heart. 3. Do it regularly to achieve success. 4. Start only when the child is fast asleep. Speak near her ears in a clear, assertive voice (not hush hush).

Shantana Shah you might want to share your experience.

thanku Rhituparna Mitra

Looks like a very interesting post. I should try it to believe it soon 😃

This is so well written.

Rhituparna Mitra hi.. I didn't understand point no 4. Sleep talk should be done when we are trying to sleep our child who is awake or after the child has slept off. Please explain

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