4 Diaper Styles To Choose From

4 Diaper Styles To Choose From
Diapers are a blessing for parents of new generation. They have now become an integral part of new born essentials. While the baby care market is filled with plethora of choices, a new parent or a parent to be is often confused to make reasonable decisions. Diapers are one such product. They come in various range and styles. From new born to 4 year old kids, diapers change in style and weight based on baby weight and requirements. Here is a list of diaper styles with exclusive benefits that can help parents to make an informed decision. 


Pant Style for hassle free change

Everything from leakage lock to wetness indicator, these easy to change pant style diapers will make your diaper routine free of mess. Be it an aloe vera enriched care or maxi absorption capacity, these diapers keep sensitive baby skin rash free and are highly recommended by moms.

Fit to Snug - Tape Style

Be it a diaper rash free system or a wetness indicator, these diapers come with velcro strap for snug fit. Enriched with baby lotion and extra dry layer, tape style diapers protect sensitive skin and keeps it healthy and supple. Super absorbent and non allergic, you will find them in sizes suitable for new born as well as for older children.

Stay Dry and Swim - Swimming Nappies

Make the best of pool time with comfortable and easy to use, disposable swim nappies. Easy to put on and pull off when wet, swim nappies are an excellent solution to avoid frequent washroom trips with your baby. With minimal absorption, these nappies keep the extra water weight at bay and help your baby enjoy to the max.

“Reuse Me” - Cloth Diaper

Organic nappies with anti bacterial fabric, these cloth diapers are reusable and washable making them extremely cost effective. Button style closure at waist is designed for comfort fit making the nappy breathable and hence free from rashes.
While the features and benefits vary across brands, what suits a parent or a child is an individual decision. The decision can be based on various factors: cost, need versus want, consumption and choice. Flipkart hosts a myriad of diapers across various brands and range catering to all you parents out there to make the best choice. Flipkart is your perfect BabyCare partner, they help you in giving you a little help for your little ones. 




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