Trying To Conceive? Here Is What You Should (Not) Believe In !

Trying To Conceive? Here Is What You Should (Not) Believe In !

Soon after you step into your new family after marriage, people start bumping into you with questions on missed periods, baby planning or tips to conceive. Somewhere in due course of time this results in tremendous pressure and stress on the couple. Stress and Pressure are not supportive of conception or ovulation. Now, is this a myth or a fact? Before we debunk couple more such myths, let us first understand what these two magical words associated with making a baby mean - Ovulation and Conception.

What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the release of eggs from the ovaries. This happens when the ovarian follicle ruptures and releases the cells. Once the egg is released from these cells, it then becomes ready to be fertilised by a sperm. This generally happens around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. Time of Ovulation can vary with length of menstrual cycle. As women near ovulation, they experience high levels of estrogen, stretchy and clear egg white like cervical mucus which  makes it easier for the sperm to travel. This is said to be the best time to conceive. This period is also termed as fertile period.

What is conception?

Conception is the time when the sperm fuses with the egg and  results in pregnancy.

Missing a period is the first sign of pregnancy. Since an immediate pregnancy test may or may not reveal this as it takes a couple of days for the HCG hormone levels to show up in the test, it is always better to wait for a week after missing periods to take the first home pregnancy test. Pregnancy test kits like Preganews, pregnancy detection card from Mankind Pharma give more than accurate results of pregnancy.It is also one of the leading No. 1 brand in the market for home pregnancy test.You can find out more about this product on

But before we actually go there, lets not forget the journey of myths and advises a couple goes through before seeing those two pink lines. Let's debunk a few for you.


Myth #1 : You can't get pregnant on your period


Some women have a very shorter period cycle, so their ovulation could actually overlap with a period. Hence there are chances that the bleeding is not menstrual bleeding but because of ovulation.

Myth #2 : Over 35, the chances of conceiving are basically nil

This is with respect to the age factor in mind. The higher your age, the less fertile your eggs are. But women have conceived and have had healthy pregnancies post 35 too. So don’t lose heart.

Myth #3: If you’re ovulating, you won’t have trouble getting pregnant

Eggs aren’t the only factors that decide your pregnancy. The pathway to the egg through the fallopian tubes also need to be clear. So you could be ovulating yet your fallopian tube could possibly be your hurdle to conception.


Myth #5: Your ovaries take turns ovulating an egg

This is a myth. Our body isn’t scheduled to alternate the ovulation between the two ovaries. Sometimes our body could be ovulating only from one of the ovaries every time, which explains the reason why we experience cramping only on one side.

Myth #6: You Have to Drop Your Starbucks Habit if you’re trying to conceive.

It is said that caffeine could lower fertility levels but doesn’t mean that you will have to completely cut down on caffeine.

Myth #7: It is impossible to get pregnant the first time you have unprotected sex.

There is a possibility that you can get pregnant the first time you have unprotected sex. There are no studies that prove that you cannot get pregnant when it’s your first time.


Myth #9: Pregnancy tests can be taken as soon as you have had sex.

The sperm fusing with the egg, the implanting and producing HCG take a couple of days. It also takes a few days for HCG levels to be high enough to show up on the test. So it’s advised to take the test a few days after you miss your period.

Myth #10: You can get pregnant quickly if you track temperature.

One of the signs of ovulating is increased the basal temperature but that doesn’t guarantee that you will become pregnant immediately after that.



Myth #12: Breastfeeding = birth control

Breastfeeding can be your period free for a longer time and also less fertile but it shouldn’t be the sole birth control method. There are chances that you can conceive while you are still breastfeeding your baby.

Myth #13:To conceive a boy, have sex right before ovulation. Want a girl? Do it a few days before.

This is a myth. All unfertilized eggs have the X chromosome, it is only the sperm that decides the gender. So next time someone blames you with the gender game, it’s not your fault.

Once you get across the conception and ovulation myths and enter the world of pregnancy, you will encounter pregnancy myths. Myth is after all the never ending story.



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