Baby Bath & Baby Bathing Accessories

Baby Bath & Baby Bathing Accessories

Bathtime is the most relaxing and playful time of the day for little babies. The feeling of floating in water, the sound of splish-splashing and playtime with loads of bathing toys is an experience which most babies enjoy a lot.

My baby loves getting messy during bath. He enjoys creating waves in water, blowing bubbles with soap and playing with toys that float. He gets super fascinated by colorful mugs and loves spilling water all around. Bathtime provides him a rich sensory experience while making him feel fresh, clean and happy.

Bathing a baby is a ritual that needs meticulous preparation. As parents we need to keep several things ready before bathing our tiny little ones. I prefer investing in a multiple bathing accessories that make our bath time all the more fun and interesting. Flipkart definitely is my helping hand when it comes to helping out with my little one. From beautiful accessories to lovely baby products, Flipkart offers a wide range of attractive and affordable baby-friendly accessories that can  make bathtime a  joyful activity for kids.

Using baby bath accessories also has multiple benefits -


  • They make bathtime easy, safe and hassle-free for parents.
  • Colourful bath toys serve as a stimulus and help develop child's sensory organs.
  • Babies turn less cranky and eventually start enjoying their bathtime.
  • They are a good way for parents to bond and spend some fun time with kids.
  • They ensure a joyous bathing experience, thereby making babies feel happy and relaxed.

Suggesting below a few baby bath accessories which you can consider to make bathtime exciting for your little ones:

1. Baby Bath Tub



When buying a bathtub for your baby, be clear on the type you want, the size and the make. The tub should not be too deep making it uncomfortable for you to hold your baby, nor too shallow for the baby to tumble down. Flipkart offers a variety of baby tubs. Buy the one that has an option to hold your baby’s head and keep it afloat. I particularly have a foldable bath tub made of non-slippery material. It additionally has temperature sensors that help me check the water temperature.


2. Bath Toys



Babies love to play with water toys. We have a set of cute water squirting sea creatures that are just the right size to fit into little hands. Invest in some squeezy and colourful toys that can make your baby laugh and play. Make sure the toys are BPA-Free as babies also have a tendency to nibble these toys while playing.


3. Adjustable Shower Cap



A shower cap helps prevent babies eyes from shampoo and water. Babies tend to get scared with too much water running on their face, eyes or nose. Using a bath hat or a shower cap makes shampooing safe, easy and a fun experience for them. I have an adjustable shower cap made of foam that can fit newborns to 6 years old.


4. Soap/ Bubble bath liquid


All babies love playing with bubbles This, in a way, helps develop their hand-eye coordination. Make sure that the bubble bath liquid you use is free from parabens and harmful chemicals. It should be soft and gentle on the fragile skin.


5. Baby towel



After a fun bathing experience, all your baby needs is a warm cuddle while being wrapped in a cute baby towel. Choose a soft baby towel to avoid rashes while wiping the tender baby skin and genitals. I prefer towels with a hood that keep the baby’s scalp dry and help wiping the ears and neck region with ease.


Bathtime serves as the most special part of the day for babies. It is also a special bonding time for you and your little one. So cooing, singing, talking & playing all through makes your baby love the sound of your voice and thrive for your soft touch. Don’t miss out on these special moments and get the best to make the best of an enjoyable bonding experience with your baby. Also, for a helping hand in your journey of parenting, Flipkart offers you a wide range of babycare products, you can check out their entire store here.


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