Basics of Diapering to Potty Training

Basics of Diapering to Potty Training


'Have you started Potty Training?' Does this statement ring a bell? As a new age mom, you face innumerable questions directed to make you doubt yourself as a parent. Don’t loose hopes! Remember, motherhood is your journey with your baby, you own it. 'Potty training' isn't just about poop, it also deals with timely urination. In this post, let us talk about how Diapers are a boon for new parents and how you can gradually go to a “No Diaper” life.

Diaper or No Diaper?

My son is a winter born. As a new mom, I was skeptical of him catching cold. Diaper and wipes seemed the best solution to me to keep him protected from a wet skin. I used Pampers Premium care from day one as my husband bought them from Flipkart. Flipkart always gives us this little helping hand in making the right choice. I must say it has made my husband a pro when it comes to buying the right baby products. Coming back to my son, to avoid infection and rashes, I always cleaned him with wipes every time I changed his diapers and applied a thin layer of Diaper Rash creme. Besides these measures, here are couple of pointers, that I as a cautious parent, always followed as part of diapering.



Points to Remember while buying diapers


  • A diaper should be skin friendly i.e. hypoallergenic, free of plastic, have good absorbing power and leak proof lining.
  • All brands categorize diapers according to baby’s weight, covering ages from 0 to 4.
  • Change diaper every 3 to 4 hours to prevent discomfort. Some diapers also come with wetness indicators which turn blue, signifying its time to change.
  • There are 2 types of designs available in market. The traditional strap diapers and Pant style diapers. Pant style is preferred when baby starts crawling, but for leaner tots stick to strap ones.
  • If a particular size seems tight, or there are frequent diaper leaks during sleep, redness or marks on inner thighs, always switch to a bigger size diaper.


Tips to prevent Diaper Rash


  • Keep the diaper area as dry and clean as possible.
  • Keep babies away from diaper for few hours in a day to let their skin breathe.
  • Clean your baby during every diaper change either by wet wipes or washing with water. If baby has soiled the diaper by poop, then always clean with mild baby soap which has disinfectant properties.
  • Pat dry the area before changing a fresh diaper.
  • Always apply a thin layer of anti diaper rash cream in the diaper area.

When to stop using Diapers

Its all about convenience!! You can start using diaper for your baby from day one or can use them only when you take them out of home. However, one can start minimizing the use of diapers when baby is able to communicate about when he/she wants to use the bathroom. First signs to start potty training is when your baby stops wetting the diaper at night.

When should you start Potty Training


  • Your kid now poops at predictable times.
  • Is dry by the day (no diapers in day time) & has dry intervals of at least 1 to 2 hours, or wakes up with a dry nappy after a nap. This shows that their bladder muscles are developed enough to hold their pee in and store it.
  • Urinates when you take them to bathroom and prompts (not always but sometimes).
  • Likes to please you and get praised.
  • Shows awareness that he's having a pee or poop, may stop what he's doing for a minute, or go somewhere else, or tell you that he's had a pee or poo.



My real time experience

I thought it'll be easy with all those 3 day no diaper theory, but 3 days turned to 3 weeks and later to 3 months (from the time I made him diaper free till date, it has been a long journey for me)! YES now I swear by the line every child is different.

Tips that work

Be vigilant of bladder & bowel movements. Time these activities and try to take him/her to the toilet at frequent intervals. It sensitizes them of the need to use the toilet.


  • Start early. Between 1.5 to 2 years of age, children love to please you by imitating what you teach. By the time they turn 2, they develop a reasoning of their own and love to rebuke you.
  • Prompt them initially and encourage as and when your child starts informing you. Reward in the form of praises.
  • During the exercise if the child still wets his/her pants sometimes, tell him/her its ok, but next time he/she should alert you.
  • If there is adamancy in not using the toilet, put the child off diapers and let him/her soil clothes. It will be bit of an exercise and a lot of mess for you, but believe me, in the end they'll feel dirty and uneasy. It'll be a lesson learnt the hard way, but your child will stop being so head strong, at least in case of using the toilet.


Parenting is all about finding happiness in our simple routine. The key is to be patient, be kind, not enforcing. It is important to embrace their willingness. Potty training is one of the hardest milestones to achieve for your toddler. It is also the most difficult challenge as a parent. But with perseverance and patience, positive results follow. Happy Parenting!

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