Are You Doing This To Soothe Your Fussy Child?

Are You Doing This To Soothe Your Fussy Child?

What a blessing it would have been if babies were born with a manual! The innocent life that comes into a new world is as lost with expressions as much as a new parent is to understand those. They are a revelation into themselves. Untimely cries, fussiness, restless moments are some of the ways babies try to convey to parents that something is not making them comfortable.Research says that close to 39% of babies are fussy or cry for more than 3-4 hours in a day. 10.3% of babies are difficult to comfort or soothe. With a baby comes sleepless nights and loads of exertion for parents. Mom and Dad try hard to decipher these episodes of fussiness and unexplained moments and make every possible attempt to soothe and calm them.

Initially, Mom and Dad are new to parenting and are equally clueless. Babies get fussy quite often and all they need is some sort of a soother. One sure shot solution that really does wonder on their body and mind is a parent’s touch. Yes, most of the parents believe it is their touch that calms & soothes a crying, disturbed, fussy child, no matter where! How can you as a parent ensure that this bond strengthens over time with the right touch and also soothes the child? Our parents knew the answer-- Massage! 

Massaging the baby with a good coconut oil-based baby rub has its own soothing benefits. Vicks baby rub is enriched with the magic of coconut oil, aloe vera, and fragrances of lavender and rosemary extracts. The gentle strokes of baby rub help in stimulating blood circulation while  helping an overstimulated or fussy baby feel relaxed. The natural fragrances of rosemary and lavender extracts help as an excellent moisturizer for soft and supple skin  while soothing and relaxing the baby.


A relaxed baby is a happy baby. Apart from massaging, tender bonding and a good routine are two other important factors that help babies remain calm and less fussy. Routines help baby traverse through the graph of active and downtimes along with healthy bonding time which is an essential attribute in keeping the baby’s body functional and mind active and relaxed.

Once mom and dad get more used to a baby’s routine and develop bonding, they get a better hold of their baby’s needs. A routine directed towards timely feed, bathe, play and sleep help baby’s mind and body active and relaxed. Mom and Dad can start a routine for baby as early as at 3 months.

Benefits of having a routine for babies are:


  • Helps baby nap and sleep well at night
  • Helps them eat healthy and timely
  • Helps regularize their bowel movements
  • Incorporates healthy outdoor and playtimes
  • Helps them calm and relax at “down times”
  • Offers baby an opportunity to get excited about what's ahead

Offers stability during transitions without stress. Babies tend to get fussy because of various reasons.



Mom and Dad go at wits’ end to make their baby feel comfortable and happy.A skin touch, cuddling, swaddling, tummy time and distracting are few other ways in which a baby can be soothed and consoled when fussy. But a balanced routine that involves the holistic development of a child definitely has a positive impact on the baby’s mind and moods. All they need is the n power of mom’s touch when they are tired and a good rest to stay healthy and active.


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